What current P-60 hoist Flashlight Tube comes with the best switch and heat transfer qualities.

What current P-60 hoist Flashlight Tube comes with the best switch and heat transfer qualities. Considering purchase of a hoist for the XM-L dropin.

the design of the p60 drop in does not allow for proper heat sinking.

instead i would buy a DIY flashlight from DX and build your own XML or buy the KD C8 (which actually may be p60, i have no idea)

one thing that worked for me, was one of my OLDER Aurora V6 bodies accepted the pill out of a p60, that GREATLY improved heatsinking as it got rid of the reflector and springs.

the brass pill screwed into the flashlight body.

i am hoping when i purchase the XM-L p60 it will do the same

Best hu ? Solarforce L2P or L2X , followed by regular L2 ..

Most of the other lights have , cheap clicky switches , but the Ultrafire C1 ? , might be above the pack ...

Why is the L2P or L2X better than the L2?

Lighttake or somebody was advertising empty Trustfire 1200 hosts. That would be perfect for a XM-L. Not P60 and I'm not sure what kind of pill those come with, if any. The Ultrafire 1200 I have has a really big brass pill that screws into the throat and has amazing heat sinking. It is 2x18650.

^can you link us up? that sounds like a good host for an sst-90 ;-)

I knew that was coming. I found his post here:


The hosts are at the bottom of his Black Friday special, but they are still pretty cheap. The problem is they don't include a reflector or a pill from what I can see. I would love to find a pill that would fit my Ultrafire 1200 so I could mount a XM-L to it instead of probably ruining the P7 on the current pill.

Probably they are "newer", and they are HA-III coated.
As i noticed in the inner side of the tube, are a little "gold" or maybe bronze color coating. My L2P (with MMP-1) is somewhere in the world, on a airplane, i hope arrive before Christmas.....

yea thats an empty --- (not p60 but similar) host version. i saw that already and would have bought one if i had money, but i dont. im more looking for one that comes WITHOUT a drop in style, i want something that screws into the throat as well

I have a few p60 hosts and so far the most heat tolerant host by a small margin is:


I suspect it is that way just because it has the most surface from all p60 hosts i have.