What did you BREAK today?

Hey my friends!

i tought maybe a place to share our mistakes and setbacks would be nice.

sharing our fails may give others the chance to learn avoiding them and also we could get a hint how to do better the next time ;)

i will go through the "shelf of shame" - filled with broken or ruined lights and abandoned projects over time ;)

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yesterday i was putting a dedomed XHP50 in my MM18

driver @ 5,5A LED

light - brighter - even brighter - smoke (was testing without lens) - less light????

-> 2 dies died :(

i will reassemble and look again next weekend

Make sure you remember to replace the gasket over the MT-G2 emitter in the Klarus G30 when reassembling the light. Oh boy.

I broke my favorite coffee mug right on my bare foot on my kitchen hardwood floor this morning. What a bummer!. Luckily my foot survived because the first part of the coffee mug hit the floor first. Still, my big toe hurts, but thankfully it’s not turning black and blue so far. I hate when I screw up!

Hahaha this is going to be an awesome thread. :blush:

It wasn’t today, or yesterday for that matter but recently I inadvertently knocked a capacitor off a Qlite while adding 7135’s. The light still functions but only on 100% so I can’t sell it and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t solder it back on.

I also recently smoked a FET driver by shorting an led wire against the reflector while trying to focus the emitter. Immediately bought some kapton tape. Not going to let that happen again.

I closed my laptop with my car keys laying on the keyboard. Screen shattered!

Today lets see…

First i broke a sweat!

Then i broke wind!

Ill be here all night folks! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems we have something in common. I break wind several times a day. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

Yea it is lol! Id be more worried if any one didn’t lol

It’s funny because I edited my post. Rearranged my sentences. Sometime I type what’s in my head not realizing it would be better I said this before that. Oh well, it is what it is …lol!

Glad you’re ok. At least the mug wasn’t filled with boiling hot coffee when it hit your foot!

Wizard pro.

You broke it already???

I was just about to fill my mug when I lamed out. That said, I’ve had bad luck with my feet. I broke my right foot 2 years ago doing something stupid. And back in the 70’s, I jumped off a roof and fractured my left heal because I got too stoned to climb down the same way I got up… Yep, I’m a piece of work…lol

I dropped the tailcap. The PCB is glue-ed in. It’s being taken care of though. I can’t say if it’s a tailcap misalignment issue or another problem. I’ll figure it out in a few days- but I will say… Illumn is amazing.

Thankfully I didn’t break anything today. If I break something at work usually a repair is in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

There are far too few pictures in a thread of breaking things…

I’m sure it’s nothing serious. You got that right about Illumn’s customer service. They’re the best. I know that from personal experience.

Just broke the XM-L2 in my Convoy C8. I had dedomed it a few months ago but figured I could make it look a little better and lift off a sliver of silicone that was left behind. I broke both bond wires :weary:

I didn’t break anything today, but the AF sensor of my Canon 1Dx broke 2 weeks ago, it will cost me almost 800 Euro to get it repaired…

Pictures of breaking things in front of the camera (also not today).