What did you eat today?

OK I really want to read more about food!
So post the best meal of your day!

I kick of
Yesterday, we did grocery shopping, home late, ultra fast “dinner”
prepared a bunch of carrots, ginger, turmeric and celery for the juicer
tossed a bag of crunchy veggie chips in a bowl
placed a board with French Munster cheese and young brie cheese center table.
Drinking veggie juice, eating crunchy chips and nice cheese, prepared in a jiffy and surprisingly feeling of having had real good food.

each a big one
three sauces:
1 yogurt with salt, pepper, garlic, shallot, chive and parsley and in the end some nutmeg (it just didn’t taste “right” but a pinch of nutmeg fixed it)
2 butter with shallot, salt, pepper and juice of a lime
3 butter with thym, salt, pepper
all so easy to make, but sure nice

Shakshuka (eggs poached in tomato sauce) with fried aubergine and bulgur (some kind of Turkish rice/couscous). Really, normally I don’t eat exotic…

Normally I cook a serious meal for the family but there was no time for shopping today so from the freezer: peas, rösti rounds, fish fingers, ketchup. My 6yr-old loved it :party:

Had wheat bread, toasted & buttered with a cup of tea. :person_facepalming:

Gnocchi with a tomato sauce consisting of passata, garlic, chillies, balsamic vinegar, mushrooms, bacon and pepperoni (I needed to use up some things in the fridge :-P)

Ham & cheese omelette, raisin english muffin and coffee. I might have some cereal or ramen noodles before my lifts today.

Edit: I literally have the same thing for breakfast every morning.

Living dangerously… :smiley:

Nothing terribly fancy. Wasn’t even hungry but had to have something for lunch, so hit Sabroso and got a burrito about the size of my head. Quite good, actually.

Trying to drink my milk Kefir, it stayed 6 days maturing, extra strong, smells like a mix of glue, vinegar, and rancid marathonian socks.

Bon appétit.

Ketchup? What happened to mayonnaise?

My son dislikes mayonaise and wants everything with ketchup.

Cooked chicken breasts on the BBQ for dinner along with spanish rice and corn on the cob. For breakfast I made 2 sunny side up eggs with hash browns, toast, and well-done bacon along with 2 cups of black coffee.

I didn’t eat this today but the topic of amazing food came up at my work recently and the most memorable thing I ever ate was The Napoleon Burger from The Standing Room. Who even knows how many calories this thing has - at least 2000. It’s a monster to eat. I can eat a LOT of food and I had trouble getting all of this down. It’s like 1lb (0.45kg) of meat and all those toppings including the fries are part of the burger. I’ve eaten lots of burgers that had 2/3lb of meat and those were nothing compared to this.

1/2lb Patty, Braised Short Rib, Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Smoked Gouda, Cheddar, American, Fried Egg, Spring Mix, Truffle Parmesan Fries, Tomato Jam, Korean Aioli.

Damn, that looks good…

But yeah, that’s quite a bit. I’d have to split it across meals, too.

One restaurant in… think it’s Hartford (the regular one, not East or West or anything) Connecticut, called something simple like “BBQ” or “Eat” or something like that, has the most amazing ribs. (Bah! Wish I could remember the details…)

First, you start out with the bucket(!) of unshelled peanuts. Soft sweet dinner rolls with cinnamon-butter. Okay, right there, you fill up. And the beer. And more beer.

Then, you have to order the onion-bloom-rose-thing with horseradish sauce/dip. Now, you’re really full. And you ain’t even got the ribs yet.

I think they come out already in a styrene-foam clamshell “doggie-bag”, because there ain’t any way you’re gonna eat them, too.

I once made the mistake of trying. Uhh, nope. Don’t do that. You’ll regret it.

Just ibuprofen. I feel like I am getting old.

Nice things!
Hope you get well srs2000!

Today pizza made from scratch (mushrooms, tomato sauce, mozzarella and grated cheese topping, garlic salt pepper basil chives parsley as herbs and a few poppy seeds on the board and on the dough while flattening the dough to prevent it from sticking.
A new way, I put the herbs on first, so it is well protected from heat on all sides , an experiment to see if they retain more flavor and emit less scent while baking (such a shame to smell lovely scents go up in the air during cooking, I want that during eating :wink: )
Oven is hot, dough should have risen a bit by now, gonna put them in when done posting this.
Don’t worry, we juiced cellery, cucumber and a fennel earlier so the vitamins are in :wink:

For breakfast this morning I had Quaker slow cook oatmeal with a bit of honey on top, black coffee. This evening I’m making thick cut pork medallions on the BBQ with baked potato, and fresh steamed broccoli.

Speaking of artichoke, it’s really really horrible with red wine.

i eat pizza and drink green tea after that

Hah, this is a great thread already! Just make sure to have eaten before you visit it :smiley:

Today, I didn’t have breakfast, didn’t feel like eating anything. A good mug of white coffee tided me over until lunch time. For lunch, I got rice, beans, sautéed pork and steamed veggie¹ salad with mayo. Loads of good stuff, but I ended up putting a mite too much on my plate :confounded: Good thing dogs are happy to eat table scraps every once in a while. Snacked on a banana in the afternoon, and just now I had a smaller repeat of lunch for dinner (sole exception was that the salad didn’t have mayo - it was actually tastier), as right now I am working the 1PM-10PM shift (which sucks and I want out of it as soon as possible). Got a small handful of potato straws and a sfiha off a work mate just to tase something different :nerd_face:

Now I’m sitting pretty with a few fruit to snack on in a few hours before I go home. Don’t think I’ll eat anything else aside from a bread roll with hot dog sauce (just the sauce, no wiener or anything).

[1]: beet, carrot, chayote, onion and bellpepper, seasoned with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice. Highly recommended.