What did you mod today?

It’s because the aux board is powered directly from battery and not the MCU. So LVP and resistors/pots, etc all present on the board to function independently of driver.

EDC18 copper, now with Nichia 519A 2700K :

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Is it possible to change the LED that lights the switch on the copper EDC18?

It may be possible, but:
1/ I couldn’t manage to pop the ring out without risking to break the rubber boot of the switch
2/ the wires between main board and switch are extremely thin and they may break when trying to remove the board
3/ desoldering and resoldering switch LEDs and wires seems quite difficult on that very small aux board
4/ part of the process needs to be done “in place” as the aux board comes from the outer of the flashlight and wires go through the body to reach main board

Conclusion: I gave up and kept stock green switch LEDs

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Can you explain more about please?

So these were designed by Lexel ( [SALE] FW3A lighted TIR board multicolored with LVP, stabilized or High/low ) originally to work as a modded part that’s why it has so many components on the board.

Some of the other more recent aux board styles use power/control/everything directly from the newer MCU’s so it can basically just be a dumb board with LED and a few resistors where as these from the E07 have low voltage protection, power regulation, etc all built into the board. Because the board is self sufficient it really only has on/off as far as the driver is concerned.

SC21 Pro mod to sw30 w stock refector

Auto white balance, ambient night time warm LED house lights.

swap out refector for 20mm, 30 degree Pebbled Tir for xml

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That looks nice Jon! Did you have any fitment issues going from reflector to TIR?

Jon you mentioned a few times you can’t set the white balance on your photos.

You can get manual white balance on the iPhone with other apps, search for:

White Balance Camera Apps iOS

I have ProCam 8 and I like it. I got it because the ipad can’t record VGA videos directly and it shows red stripes if it’s overexposed. I bougt only the basic version, no extra modules.

Auto white balance: tap into the viewfinder

Manual: tab the yellow AWB and use the slider

ProCam 8

App Sliced to track prices and alarms:

Most of other “free” Apps are with adds or subscriptions and ProCam has photo and video functions.
(Yes a bit pricy, but less than the Opple)

So if I understand, my old e07 is more good than a new e07 with direct power for the aux?

I’m not too sure how the new E07 works but I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse just different. One has extra flexibility with the potentiometers but you lose ability to do high and low or choose individual colors (in Emisar’s case for example).

Not really… I removed the centering ring and glass lens, this made the bezel tighten 1/2 turn tighter. No other adjustments

here is the album SC21 Pro w sw30 and pebbled Tir - Album on Imgur

and a photo taken at 8am… notice how warm the 3000K looks at that time

compare to my ambient house lights at 8pm:

I use ambient light to allow my iPhone to set its Auto White balance. This works very well for me, as it shows what the LED Color and Tint look like in daytime and night time ambient light.

Since I do not take photos in a dark room, I do not need manual white balance. imo taking photos in ambient light actually works very well to show color and tint. It also lets us see the flashlight.

My Opple lets me show both the Ambient and the Flashlight color temp and duv, to help explain why a warm white LED changes its apparent color during the day, vs at night.

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I removed the centering ring…
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good info, thanks

Should and e-switch light draw current when the LED PCB is removed? I have a D25LR and did a LED swap but after putting things together something seems to be shorting since the light gets warm while off after a while. Not sure if it was like this before the LED swap but I only noticed it now.

Tested different batteries and shows the same issue. There is an 87ma draw in the D25LR whereas my D25S only has a 0.00032ma draw when off(using an aneng AN8008 if it matters).

I have not checked the driver yet as the cover is being stubborn so just asking for info before I mutilate this light further.

Yes, the e-switch drivers will consume a little current even without a load (or a potential load) because they need to stay awake and wait for a signal (or things like voltage monitoring, etc). It should be very little, though, like >50uA and probably a lot less since it’s a simpler driver with no aux lighting. 87mA says something is wrong. Check for shorts…solder spatter, wire insulation where they pass through the mcpcb or touch host metal, etc. Metal reflectors can also do this if they touch the wire points but that’s not an issue for this light. Make sure the wrap on the battery is intact on the + end. Those are the obvious things but if there’s a chance you may have damaged a component on the driver, look there, too. Since this is doing this without the mcpcb attached, it sounds unlikely that the led wires are at fault (or something like an emitter that was mounted backwards/polarity).

I agree there is a short

here are 3 possible ways

  1. if the solder blob on the positive wire is too tall, it can touch the reflector… or

  2. if a small solder ball falls between the side of the mcpcb and the body… or

  3. if the insulation on the positive wire gets split, so the wire touches the side core of the mcpcb…

Thanks for the insights @Correllux and @jon_slider I’ll try again next weekend and look into what you guys have suggested. Been trying to diagnose it the whole day and I’m already at wits end.

I agree, sometimes its best just to set things down and come at it fresh another day. Been there :slight_smile:

Nothing special…

After my handmade fabric pouches, i made simple lanyard from a flat fabric cord, so i have the original lanyards brand new in their boxes !