What did you mod today?

:+1: freaking lasers

Beautiful pics. Could you please give us kcd numbers?

They would be estimations unfortunately, I still don’t have any luxmeter so I use the “ceiling bounce” android app.
I’ll do that soon

Success! My first official flashlight mod. My Presto liddle griddle showed up from Amazon today and used it to reflow 4000k XMLs into my Thrunite TN30. Always was disappointed in how the 6500K+ emitters in it make everything look like the surface of the moon when was out with with the dogs in the woods during winter. Now has a wonderful tint. Wouldn’t have been possible without AdventureSportFlashlight’s great instructional videos!

I put an OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG – 1mm2 in a Maeerxu M8 and got 13,730 lux at 15 feet. Calculated throw would be around 930 meters. Measurements are from a Unit-T lux meter (cheap). It’s still impressive regardless of the lux meter.
I’m going to drop one in a Cometa this weekend. Bound to be enlightening. :partying_face:

Put an XPL-HI on the On The Road i3 (Zoomie)

Replaced emitters in my CW XML Thrunite TN31 and Nitecore P25 with 4000k emitters. Had a go at my NW Nitecore TM11 for a better tint, though after taking a look inside it was like “NOPE, not going there”…

I’ve never had a light from On The Road before, but I saw one that looked interesting and there was a lot of detail about it on their site. This is the X5 Pro. They offer it in Cool White and Warm White and the indications on their site are that the Warm White is an XM-L2 on an Aluminum Star, with the Cool White being an XP-L V6 on a copper DTP MCPCB. So I wrote to them and inquired, they assured me that the newer X5 Pro has the XP-L and copper board so I ordered one, in the Cool White to ensure I got the XP-L V6. Well, it arrived yesterday. With a label on the box stating OTRX5PROXPLU31A. Not the V6, but still encouraging. As soon as I removed it from the box I knew I’d been duped, the XM-L2 glaring out at me was on a non DTP Aluminum star. UGH!

We all know that isn’t really a big deal for me, but after asking specifically and being assured, you’d think they’d at least check, right? So yeah, I stuck an MTN 20mm copper dtp board in it with a Samsung LH351D. Even pulled the driver out and exchanged what looked like 24ga leads with 22ga.

An interesting thing about this light is the side mounted switch. It’s actually got a mechanical clicky mounted in the side of the pill section! Never saw that before. And it has micro USB charging with a 2A capability, although they only send a 1A charger. It DOES come with a 5000mAh 26650 though, and for some reason a single 26650 case, but not the indicated adapter to allow use of an 18650. Oh well, still a neat light. With an odd reflector. (a small like 20mm reflector at the emitter, then a wide flat, and then up to the larger reflector, like some oddball hybrid. Makes for an interesting beam profile.

I have to admit, the below 3D autocad drawing and animated breakdown got me…

And a pic of the reflector…

Weird reflector, I wonder what the line of thought was behind it

Yeah, me too. There was no clear picture of this on their site although knowing now what it is it can be seen in the head on shots. The beam profile is a hot spot with diffuse edges and then light spill, it actually works pretty decent. I can’t say I won’t be looking for a different reflector that fits but…

The X5 Pro is like a compact HD2010, or an even more compact Convoy L2, it fits the hand nice and promises regulated output with some premium components on board. Interesting, maybe somewhat on the pricey side, but all in all not so bad. Figure that it comes with a decent cell and a charger, the normal lanyard and spare o-rings, it’s still a pretty nice deal… more so on the present sales of course. (although they don’t discount it a lot)

They call the color Titanium, no way that it looks like RAW Ti but in fact it resembles the XinTD coloring so it IS different, albeit only slightly. SS bezel set’s it apart a little. I, uh, didn’t measure output on the XM-L2 but the manual says 720 lumens, the site says 1200 lumens, and I got 1003 with the Samsung LH351D in a W6 power bin 5000K in 70 CRI.

I was eyeing the OTR X5 Pro last night thinking it would be a great usb rechargeable host for the White Flat. Didn’t know it had a stepped reflector. Please post if you see a reflector that fits. Also would be nice to see some beamshots if possible. :slight_smile:

I really didn’t care for the 2 stage reflector in the X5 Pro, so last night I fitted it with a reduced Illuminations Machines LUM 5-90. May have been easier overall to go out to the lathe and make a copper spacer but I did it by hand using copper discs cut to fit then re-flowed together. Raised the emitter about a 1/4” and went back to the XM-L2. Now the beam is actually nicer and the light has a new look. :smiley: (plus there is a LOT more copper under the emitter)

Finished most of my Lumensphere. Got some Numbers on my flashlights.


- Imalent DX80 28.500 Lumen

- Acebeam K60 NW Dedomed: 4300 Lumen

- Astrolux MF04S Stock 7000 Lumen

  • first “Terry White”GroupBuy Haikelite MT09R XHP35HI 5000 Lumen. In former Lumenbox: 3900 Lumen.

Do you have a description and/or pictures of how you made it? I’m always curious about how others make their lumen measuring devices.

Its not jet ready. At least I want to make a box around it, to put it into this stool
Now I can not put the top cover on it because the 40cm sphere is some centimeters too high, so I have to build the Box.
Now the sphere has some aluninium foil around.

I have made some pictures and want to make a report about it. Perhaps I can put them in a album the next days.

Are you saying your previous measurements were all low compared with your new one? How did you calibrate your new one?

Built up a Eagle Eye X6 with a Luxeon MZ 5700K and MTN FET+1

I wanted to get creative and use this optic, like I believe Dale used (not sure if it’s the exact same).

However, there was still a slight cross in the beam and it was very hard to center. It probably would have been fine with any other LED but I thought since Ledil supported the MZ LED with this the beam would be a bit better. I ended up sanding the feet down a bit too much and it got worse so I scrapped that idea.

Went back to the stock reflector with the centering ring reamed out a bit and used some DC Fix. I don’t trust my lumen numbers because I think the DC Fix is throwing just a bit of side light into the sensor.

15.xx amps (taken after ~1m of turbo)
2,777lm at 0s
2,443lm at 30s

Impressive though still, being the smallish X6, right?

I haven’t used a Luxeon MZ in anything before, but I think I used the MT-G2 under an optic like that or very similar. Not very easy to do, but then, I don’t typically do mods that are easy as it’s more about the challenge. :wink:

I was beware that my lumenbox has some problems with throwers and far reaching allrounders. My Acebeam K60 had unmoded somthing above 4000 Lumen but was far away from 5000 Lumen it should have. With the K70 the readings was too low, too. The same for the MT09R XHP35HI as I have mentioned in the original thread.
But with the Olight X9R I have discovered, that not only throwers have problems in my tube, floody lumenmonsters are too low, too.
My other readings with flooders and allrounders below 10,000 lumen were good compared to other lumen readings in BLF and TLF.
With the X9R I could not get the lumens in my lumenbox because of the sensor which lowers the output if something is near in front of the flashligt. Or in other words I could only read the lumen till output level L5, above it steps down.
Therefore I used our toilet for ceiling bounce comparison to aproximate the higher output levels. Than I compared this procedure with my Imalent DX80.
Here you can find a table with the results:

(In the table is a mistake, my second reading of the DX80 was not the lumenbox, it was the toilete)

I have calibrated my sphere with the 500 lumen level of my DX80 comparing to my lumenbox.
e.g. with my unmodded BLF Q8 from the first run with countersink screws, I get nearly 5000 Lumen with full LG MH1 batteries.

On my DX80 I get around 28,500 Lumen, compared to other measurements in the TLF: Imalent DX80 - Tests / Erfahrungsberichte zum Passaround | Taschenlampen Forum
Imalent DX80 - Tests / Erfahrungsberichte zum Passaround | Taschenlampen Forum
Imalent DX80 - Tests / Erfahrungsberichte zum Passaround | Taschenlampen Forum

Perhaps my calibration is a bit low. I will recheck it in the future with other flashlights.