What did you mod today?

I have 3000K & 4000K V2’s that I want to try out in my E07, want to do some tint mixing. But I am afraid of the 4000K being too green. I know certain optics increases the green tint. What tint is your setup?

5000k, no green hue at all in these. I bought 50 of these in that flash clearance sale a while back and have used all but 5. Never tried any other tints cause I was so pleased with the 5000k.

Luckily the LH351D W6’s are nearly identical tint making them my two favorite emitters! Almost can’t tell them apart in use.

OK, thank you for the feedback. I got my V2’s from led4power.com and I will reflow them tonight. Just need to finish up new driver installation. I really hope they play well with the E07 optic.

You can change out the E07 lens too. SKV found a replacement UCL one that doesn’t shift the tint as much

That’s sounds promising. Any links or references?

Here: Fireflies E07 preview - #1941 by SKV89

I downgraded my driver on the Astrolux s41 to a regulated biscotti 8*AMC7135
No more burning copper to me but brightness seems comparable. Pretty sure it’s brighter when it’s 12 amps vs 2.8 amps now but at least the modes are more practical to me
Now I can use my quad Nichia 219C for as long as I want

Thank you!

Way more practical !
I think i might do the same

So I modded my FF E07 with one of Lexel’s FET+8+1 Anduril drivers and Luxeon V2 LED’s. Max ramp set to max AMC regulated current, turbo FET only. Aux LED’s are connected to the MCU for regular low-high-flashing-off. Switch LED’s always on. 3x 3000K & 3x 4000K in the outer ring, 1x 5000K in the centre. And it’s an epic combination for me as I like warmer tints. Here are a few pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qBQMFf1TL72GJkYa7

The two beamshots is THE FF E07 Luxeon V2 combo on the left, and FW3A XP-L HI 7A on the right. Next, I’ll try a 3000K, 4000K, 5000K Luxeon V2 combo FW3A. In my opinion, these LED’s are underrated.

Nice mod, any reason why you didn’t also put the switch LEDs on MCU? Does Lexel’s driver for this have flashing pads or no?

Yes, his drivers do support it. But I don’t use my E07 with a clip so I aways want to see the button. I always let it stand face down so it’s pointless to have the Aux LED’s on. I do turn them on for the show, or when I chuck it in a bag. Definitely makes it easier to spot.

Xp-g2 s3 3d out, Luxeon V2 5000k in :smiley:

So in absolute fairness i did this swap because i had 12 of the V2’s laying around, did not knew what to expect but i like them. Slightly colder tint than the 3D g2’s but nothing that i cant live with. Never used these under carclo optic but i like them.

Nice! That’s actually the perfect light to do 3000K, 4000K, 5000K tint mixing on!

I’m not sure it’s necessary to include 4000K unless you are finding the 3K+5K to be too far below BBL (which is unlikely) or you just want a little more output at the expense of tint shift upwards on BBL.

I didn’t say strictly all three tints equally. One can use a combination of the 3 to get a lot of different tints. For example, 4x 4000K and 8x 5000K. Or 8x 3000K and 4x 5000K. Or even 2x 5000, 6x 4000K, 4x 3000K. Emphasis on tint mixing in that particular light. So many tint mixing options possible with that light, and many of them will suit a lot of people.

Like my EO7, the 1x 5000K is enough, to my taste, with the 3x 3000K and 3x 4000K. I had a 4000K in its place and it wasn’t quite right for me.

Another advantage of buying V2’s from led4power.com is that all the tints are the same Vf bin. Perfect!

That had to be a fun reflow… I have never used the Luxeon V2’s. Seems like they may be a good led for triples and quads, just never in the right place at the right time to pick them up.

CRX GoRingu Luxeon v2 5000K - Nanjg 105C-3A - 18350 - Rv Clicky Tail Sw - 826lm.

Wow, what a beauty! Head and tail threaded on???

Just the tail, but it’s a start :smiley: