What did you mod today?


Nice one Dzeric :+1:

Looking at that: you’re only a few steps away from making a really incapacitating strobe! :smiling_imp:

Very cool!

A few weeks ago I took apart my Lumintop AAA Tool. This is the newer model with the TIR optic and the angry blue/purple Osram LED. Lumintop decided to glue the pill in, so it took some muscle and bending my tweezers to unscrew the pill. The glue was some sort of black rubbery stuff. In the process the driver was damaged I guess, because it would only work single mode after that.

Luckily Mtn sells the AAA Tool drivers, so I got a few. I also ordered a 3500k SST-20 on a 10mm MCPCB from Kaidomain.

I got the whole thing put back together today and it’s a major improvement to me. I’m discovering, that like most of you, I like the warmer tints better.

Angry blue is an understatement, here’s what I measured from mine before modding it:

I don’t know much about the DUV and the Ra, but I wouldn’t call a CCT of 7232K necessarily angry blue. I changed the XP-L HI in a Sofirn Q8 to some 7500K bin SST-40’s a while back, and it was cool, but not angry. I was actually surprised. It made my 5000K BLF Q8 look decidedly warm and green/yellow by comparison. But I thought it would be a lot bluer than it was. My point, I guess, is that it probably depends on the emitter brand, and it definitely is dependent on the “eye of the beholder” whether some light source looks “angry blue” or not.

Changed aux LED colors on my E07 again (3rd change now). First I swapped the outter ring to orange but even with the trimmer cranked they were so much dimmer then the purple middle ring I didn’t like it so next I swapped the purples out for amber. That orange / amber combo was a great color combo (the only aux LED light I’ve ever had complimented by a non flashaholic!) but again, even with the Trimmers cranked to max they wernt very bright overall and what’s the point of bling if you can’t see it during the day lol.

I’m happy with this combo, I laid them out this way cause I really liked the flat spaces of the optic when it glowes purple and the green / pink ones light up the optic cones themselves (and that green pattern, which is visible IRL looks cool as hell too)

Sorry for this especially poor quality photo…

Are those luxeon V2’s??

Yes. IMO the best led you can put behind an optic at the moment.
In fact I only own 2 optic lights with anything else and both of those have LH351D W6’s for shear output.

I re-capped my fluke 4 1/2 digit meter - and fixed the display and backlight in the other fluke… hey, it has a light…

I have 3000K & 4000K V2’s that I want to try out in my E07, want to do some tint mixing. But I am afraid of the 4000K being too green. I know certain optics increases the green tint. What tint is your setup?

5000k, no green hue at all in these. I bought 50 of these in that flash clearance sale a while back and have used all but 5. Never tried any other tints cause I was so pleased with the 5000k.

Luckily the LH351D W6’s are nearly identical tint making them my two favorite emitters! Almost can’t tell them apart in use.

OK, thank you for the feedback. I got my V2’s from led4power.com and I will reflow them tonight. Just need to finish up new driver installation. I really hope they play well with the E07 optic.

You can change out the E07 lens too. SKV found a replacement UCL one that doesn’t shift the tint as much

That’s sounds promising. Any links or references?

Here: Fireflies E07 preview - #1941 by SKV89

I downgraded my driver on the Astrolux s41 to a regulated biscotti 8*AMC7135
No more burning copper to me but brightness seems comparable. Pretty sure it’s brighter when it’s 12 amps vs 2.8 amps now but at least the modes are more practical to me
Now I can use my quad Nichia 219C for as long as I want

Thank you!

Way more practical !
I think i might do the same