What did you mod today?

Looking into it…

I’ve fried an SBT-70 before and have a $123 CFT-90 due today, not like I’ve never pushed to hard…

The tiny die has A0711 HCS9 written beside it on the white substrate.

Is the phosphor square or rectangular?

The square one handles less current (~5A) and the rectangular one more (~7.5A)

It’s square, I think the CSLNM1.TG

I have another of these same emitters that I just put on a Courui D01 shelf under a Ledil Seanna. Three 30Q’s have that one making 847.5Kcd for 1.14 miles throw

Everyone else reports even 1 battery FET over drives them. The only FET I have it in is an AA blf x5 though so idk…

Looks like this…

And here beside an XP-L HI on a Noctigon 20mm

The new Samsung 25R’s got charged up, the Q8 makes 3320 lumens on only 2 of these! :smiley: Pulling back to a couple of old Sanyo FJ lap pulls, will see what 4 do in it…

I’m impressed. I don’t think people have usually been blowing them with FETs, but definitely getting Angry Blue™ out of it. I did fry a 3030 1mm² in my Z1, but I’m pretty sure I left some sort of dirt or flux or Q-tip hair on the die. Of course now I can’t help but think what you’d get out of the 2mm² in that Q8…

3 of the Sanyo FJ lap pulls net 2860 lumens at near full charge, so perhaps this will be the safer route to travel…

Wait? Did I just say Safe? Oy vey! :person_facepalming:

DB Custom plays it safe… Guys, I think someone broke into Dale’s BLF account!

Father time is beating me down, gonna have to do something crazy to push him back a little. Wonder if I can fit an CFT-90 in an X5?

Today not a flashlight mod, but I did have an opportunity to use some knowledge a out li-ion batteries that I gathered on BLF over the years.

I’m out camping atm with the family, glamping is probably more correct because we rented a tent, with fridge and garden furniture, on one of the dutch islands. Because of my son’s condition he needs to inhale nebulised medicine twice daily, using a relatively convenient modern li-ion powered device (a luxury nowadays because with the bulky old nebulising equipment camping vacations were out of the question). And the thing ran out of power this morning and we forgot to bring the click-on charging dock :person_facepalming: .

Two options: going home 3 days early or start McGyvering. Luckily, while saying nothing about it in the specs because the device has a propriate charging dock, Philips wrote “6V DC, 6W” next to the charging pins on the underside, an old and good habit from a traditional electronics company. It gave away that the charging chip was likely inside the device and the dock is just a 6V power source. Would I get away with my 5-ish V USB phone charger? I sacrified a cheap USB cable. Cut the micro-USB plug off and 5cm of the outer sleeve and freed the bare wires. Assuming that the red wire was + and the black one - (wire 3 and 4 should then be for data) , I touched the charging poles of the nebuliser and behold, the charging animation on the display started and my (YZX) USB-tester (never leave home without one :innocent: , yes I’m a nerd) gave me 750mA. So some cellotape, a clamp made from a wooden clothpin and some three hours of monotoring and regular re-attaching shifted wires later, the nebuliser was fully charged and the camping trip saved :slight_smile:

I would never have been able to do the educated guesses and dare trying this on on a multi-hundred dollar device without my experiences from BLF.

Here’s the short version

:person_facepalming: :smiley:

Wow! djozz, I don’t think I would have tried it. Congratulations on the mod and saving your family camping trip! :partying_face:

Good save djozz—reminds me of a Beach trip years ago— my daughter got a big A—-S splinter in her foot from the walkway—I gave her a choice kill the day going to Redi Med or let dear old dad dig it out with a Broach Pin my mom had in her purse—She said start digging—that’s my girl

Nice work McJozzer! :+1:

Last month I succesfully killed the tailswitch of my vintage SureFire 6PD. LINK1
Without the possibility to buy original replacement parts.

But fixed that with a small mod, and on top of that turned it into a lighted tailcap. LINK2

Chocolate! :partying_face:

Took a cheap 100LED UV flashlight, swapped out each LED with a fast auto color changing one. Now its a ‘Party Light’. Not enough party somewhere? Point this at it and the situation is resolved!