What did you mod today?

Woah, that’s a biggun’

Still fairly compact for what it will do big chunk of alui for battery cap balances it. The driver is single mode, i did put another resistor from a cooked driver on it and i dont know the readings. 1hr45min run on 4500mah 26650 the led with 35mm mcpcb sits on a 10mm copper disc.
I have done readings with lux meter 32450lux @2.85m = 263575.125candela? for 1026m throw result.
It is probably the distance im measuring from. But they seem to way short of real world use the w30 as a control

Decided to rebuild my first big scratch built thrower using a CFT-90. Rebuilt the Bistro driver with an SIR404DP MOSFET and swapped the leads in favor of 16ga Turnigy. With a freshly charged 30T it pulls 25.8A and makes 4600 lumens start value. About to do a 5M lux test even though thats too close.

The big 95mm reflector is really putting it out there! :smiley:

A CFT-90 in a 95mm reflector? I wanna see that beamshot! :sunglasses:

Even a 5M test gives me 1.09Mcd! Figures out to 1.3 miles with a 4600 lumen output! Yup, schoolgirl giggles and an ear to ear grin! :smiley:


Remember this? ;)

Lol, yup!

Spent $123 getting here just to see what all the fuss was. Lot more lumens, tighter really than a 70 can do, but of course Luminus can’t make an efficient emitter so it takes major current to get the lumens. Still, single cell without a fancy boost driver…

Boredom pushes us strange places.

That must’ve been a big lump of aluminium. Nice job :+1:

Another big chunk. Lovin’it :beer:

The old way, little white barn at 610 yds with my Canon G1X at ISO 1600, 1/2 sec manual exposure f/5.6. 2 second timer. I, uh, was sorta using a fence post top to snap the shot and might’ve, well, moved slightly on the zoomed in shot. :blush:

Oh, and this is using the 32650 instead of the 30T. So it’s at a start value of 4200 lumens instead of 4600. Not sure about the lux change, obviously it still works well with the 6000mAh cell. :smiley:

Edit: PP? Notice the reflector is a sprung part of the light, at 95mm opening I couldn’t really machine a head for it so I just threaded the reflector and used an adapter to fit it to the one piece pill/tube section. Then threaded the top for a bezel. I managed ok with this one, the 124mm reflector was a bear when I made that light! This one has a very heavy copper pill threaded into the top of the aluminum body. Should absorb and disperse the heat effectively.

Edit II: For those that may not remember I built this light originally in Oct of 2017, a few months after neck surgery. It was the first thing I did on the lathe after being released by my Dr.

Edit III: It could be that I may like copper a little too much. This was the copper pill after removing it from the light and de-soldering the 32mm MaxToch MCPCB that was in it… looking at what I needed to do to fit the CFT-90. This thick copper construction doesn’t have negative isolated, so I used Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive under it to separate the CFT-90 from the lights ground.

Is it possible for a flashaholic to like copper too much? :innocent:

Maybe. DBC-05 started out with a 3.17 pound copper round bar for a pill. :smiley:

Actually SST-20 is not merely efficient for a 2mm² emitter - it’s very efficient.

I find the 20’s to produce too much heat for the lumens they offer and I don’t care for their tint. I have quite a few 20’s, some 46…. all removed from lights and sitting around on my bench.

The 20s definitely produce some heat —- I find the tint is especially current/reflector type (or optic) dependant —- I thought my batch of 4ks were way different so I used the same emitter in a few applications—tint change dramatic in some cases and slightly in others

Inspired by CRX’s DIY glow gaskets for triples, I tried brewing up a batch using his formula.

They turned out better than expected. Now I’m psyched to try some other colors.

I built a “simple” Convoy S2+ triple with a lighted tailcap. The 4000K 95CRI FD2 SST-20s came from the BlueSwordM group buy: BLF Interest List: 3rd Gen Extreme High Current Beryllium Copper Silver-Copper Plated springs+SST-20s FD2 95CRI. I used an electric skillet to reflow the LEDs, my second time ever. I sanded down the cup of the pill since the aluminum spacer didn’t sit flat against it. I chose an aluminum spacer vs copper to keep the weight down. The white lighted tailcap draws only 0.15mAmps, so the Samsung INR18650-35E 3500mAh will last years. I used a Carclo frosted optic and kept the non-AR lens. The tint is very good, even better than the Nichia I’ve gotten from RMM over the years, which I didn’t think could happen. This is now my new favorite EDC.

reflow and your LED wire soldering look top notch :+1:

Is the spacer also from MTN? Did you have to solder a bleeder or do you have next mode memory issue now?

What driver/program did you use —Does it get — I just built one with Bistro and in no time at all it’s Blazing hot

Nice work NeutralFan, careful, it’s VERY addictive! :slight_smile: