What did you mod today?

Thanks guys, all useful info. I’ve read most the tips in the past and tried to do the 3 slice technique but I guess my initial slice was too thick, resulted in me lifting it off. My blade was probably also not thin or sharp enough. Will get some razor blades and proper sized washers/spacers.

Do y’all slice with the blade parallel to the mcpcb or at an angle?

After trying everything including massive heat with a blowtorch followed by brute force, I finally broke the brass pill of my 2015 D25A Ti in two pieces (this was 2 years ago) trying to separate it from the bezel. One of the very few lights that did not surrender.

djozz, thermal expansion of brass is much larger than of titanium. I was planning to try a freezer :blush:

Edit: Or … cooler spray :student:

Djozz, there is a cheap d25c ti on marktplaats in Amsterdam if you want a rematch.

I dunno if this really classifies as a mod but I found that the clip I ordered recently fits neatly onto one of my lights

After selling my modded Convoy H1 to a buddy, I modded up another one. This time in addition to the MCU swap (attiny412 with RampingIOS), I also changed out the single red switch LED for two green ones. Makes for a great headlamp.

But I have a D25C Ti still somewhere waiting for a nice mod, thanks for the heads-up

Modded my FF E01 today. LH351D W6 swap and changed the pairs of pink/green led’s on the aux board to 4x red led’s.

Its became one of my favorite lights but sucked down batteries so quickly with the power hunger sst-40, plus while I didn’t mind the tint cri seemed especially low. Lux is up to 72kcd, the tint / cri is much more pleasing and it takes way longer to throttle back now and the beam, which is what made it one of my most used lights is still just as usable, albeit with a bit smaller and more well defined hot spot.

Here’s a family photo, not all of my anduril lights, just those with forward facing AUX leds

The Fireflies E01 has aux leds?! :open_mouth:

Aligned , Drilled Tapped thermal pasted an screwed emitter into neck section

thats the thermal path sorted , now for the driver :smiling_imp:

Looks like a P4000 will drop in there perfectly

It does when you install a lexel board for a D1 “indirect” setup*

*you do have to drill one hole in the head

Looking Sharp Fat Controller!

Waiting for beamshots!

Just received the 3030 gaskets today, now wait for the 22mm 14x 7135 driver to put in my L21A

I made some long overdue changes to my modding area. It has moved from taking up about 1/3 of the kitchen table to this adjustable height sit/stand desk! Still a lot of cleanup and organizing to do but it’s much nicer already than what I had.

LOOOL I'm still fighting with my wife about kitchen table :) Only i have 50% of the table...

Thank you, I might try this when I get my FF E01.

Just be sure you request he installs the LED’s facing up, typically on the indirect boards he would solder them at 90 degrees.

Good to know, thanks. Did you change the firmware to the real Anduril or did you just connect the aux leds to the switch leds?

They’re fully MCU controlled, I had flashed real anduril literally on day 1 of owning it lol.

I hate the waiting part! but those 14x 7135 seem to work ok i have one in my Jax only issue is they seem to cycle in strange order Low, High, Medium

Hmm, we’ll see

It says Manta Ray…