What did you mod today?

Some really nice mods and info being posted up. Thanks guys. Not doing a lot myself but always interesting to see what others are up to.

Got bored today and decided to freshen up an old Energizer headlamp with a 219C 4000K from Mountain Electronics.

Wow, that thing actually had an LED on a star? Color me impressed.

Nice soldering job djozz!

Yeah same, I took it apart out of curiosity and figured I might as well swap it since it was on a star. Now I just need some high CRI 5mm’s to complete the light :smiley:

Here ya go

Very nice ” djozz ” I really like the BLF D80V2 you modded. :+1:
Thank you for the detailed explanation. I would love to copy your mod one day. :smiley:

I’ve had my eye on that thread but haven’t really had a reason to order any. Guess I do now!

I am currently putting BluswordM’s 3rd Gen springs in everything I can. Helps me with soldering skills also. Hot Air station is getting a workout also.

Thanks, I’ve done this particular “tombstone” job many times and became handy with it :slight_smile:

djozz, may I ask what purpose the “tombstone” serves on an A6 driver?

It isn’t necessary there as the Attiny13 doesn’t have the glitch we see on the X6 Bistro driver with Attiny25. I have always used the A6 driver for high powered lights, built from scratch of course with top components, and have run lights over 30A on the A6 driver many times with no issues. The A6 driver has been my go-to glitch free set-up for years. I’ve seen copper traces vaporize off contact boards running this driver, sheer output power more than a thin trace could carry.

So yeah, I’m wondering what purpose is served doing the Bistro mod to an A6. ( have built several hundred of these drivers with excellent result, wondering what I’m missing)

You are not missing anything, and your description of the BLF-A6 driver proves that. There are two very insignificant reasons that I did the fix that is not fixing anything:

*DEL once remarked that he was surprised that the Atiny13 worked at all with the voltage spikes it receives in the standard FET driver. So my thought is: it can’t hurt to reduce those spikes

*I enjoy doing the little solder trick

The low pass filter cant hurt anything it’s a good measure to increase stability even if not needed
who knows if the chip may get long time damage from those spikes

Ah, ok, I see. I’ve been using a pair of 200 Ohm resistors for a 100 Ohm value… didn’t have the 100’s but had a tape of 200’s for Zener mods. I’ve also used 1206 100’s sideways out of a notebook of resistors, tricky and challenging getting those to clear. Lol

I quit doing the lean together thing, simply stand the three up then bridge with solder. :wink:

people name the SMD values often wrong, seen that in other topics recently
in this case they are not R100 or 100 Ohm resistors

that is 10*10^0 → 10 Ohms

for example a 102 Resistor is not 102 Ohm its 1kOhm

R100 instead is a 0.1Ohm resistor usually from current sense shunts

a resistor from Zener mods is usually real 200 Ohms so 201 marking, those are too big for an MCU low pass filter, usually 4.7-10 Ohm are used

I don’t know why I called it R100, I know better.

I do use the 200 Ohm resistors, doubled up for 100 ohm. They work fine. ( or seem to )

So, I’d be better off using a lesser value, 1/10th or less what I’ve been using? I may have some 4.7 Ohm, will look into it and may well just order some 10Ohm strictly for use in Bistro driver builds. I meant to get the right ones some time ago but life happened…

So, these would work?

4.7Ohm is the original value that was implemented in the low pass

old Bistro has a voltage divider which monitors battery voltage, no problem there to use bigger values, the low pass is more effective
Bistro HD OTSM or Anduril/NarsilM use the MCU supply voltage to monitor battery, so if the MCU draws about 1.5mA current you get a voltage drop of 0.15V

Thanks for clarifying Lexel, I have 99 of those 4.7 Ohm so I should be good for a minute, or two. :wink:

Would it be worth going back in and changing the 100 Ohm to a 4.7? Seems like the reversing isn’t reliable and that’s one of my favorite features of Bistro (and the A6 driver for that matter)

Tired and upset. My job is squeezing all the juice out of me.