What did you mod today?

Perhaps I don’t understand what it’s used for. This quote from comedian Steven Wright comes to mind:

“I replaced the headlights in my car with strobe lights, so it looks like I’m the only one moving.”

It doesn’t shine out at other people, does it?

Aah! That strobe light is not for driving. It is for repairing and setting engine ignition advance. It has a signal from spark plug number one and the light flashes exactly when that plug fires so when I point it to crankshaft It seems to stand still when engine running. So with a mark on the pulley and some degree marks on engine block I can see the degree of ignition advance need. :wink:
So I’m not going to blind anyone.

That makes a lot more sense.

That really should have come to mind, considering how often I use motion-freezing strobes. I even helped someone time their engine once, using a similar spark strobe method, but the memory was lost in the mist of time.

So, yeah, that’s a great use for an old SK-68. :smiley:

I always wanted to make a 18650 based XHP35 HI flashligtht so I bought this SecurityIng CREE XM-L2 from Ebay for $7.55 :

The original driver was a 20mm pressfit so I had to widen the pill to make room for the H2-C

XHP35 HI D2 3D CRI80+ on Noctigon

The quality of the SecurityIng is surprisingly good : aluminium reflector, nice anodizing with no flaws and a glass lens (not AR coated though)

Nice mod khas ! Can you share the reflector diameter ?


The diameter is 34mm and the height is 24mm so it’s not a thrower, here is some pictures for size comparison :

SecurityIng (left) X7 (middle) C8S (right)

Zozz, perhaps if you called it a timing light instead of a strobe light it would clear up that confusion?

Nice idea by the way…

Eagle eye X6 reflector’s diameter is 30mm (true diameter , inside) so this must give some good throw too for it’s size too :slight_smile:

Yes, that is the word I was looking for! This is not my native language so special tech words don’t come in to my mind.

I changed the tail on the CRX Knucklehead to have a magnetic momentary switch, it now works as a normal twisty still but has the optional setting of activating when stuck to a ferrous surface, switches off again when placed on wood etc again and can also be locked out to prevent this :slight_smile:

Motion-freezing strobes are mentioned above, are there any flashlights available that could do this?

With a operator variable strobe speed?

I work on high speed machinery and we use slow motion cameras and now Iphones that have this facility to diagnose problems.

A motion freezing strobe maybe useful possibly being able to help see into places that bulky cameras cannot.

@ CRX that magnetic momentary switch is brilliant :beer:

Brilliant indeed, man that’s just too cool! I want one! :smiley:

Yeah I love this little light, it kinda came about by chance. I wanted the momentary switch which is itself magnetic and held in equilibrium by the surrounding magnet, I just happened to put the light down on that steel box cover when testing it and :laughing:

You make some very interesting and unusual lights. I bet the Knucklehead would be a popular item if you could make a bunch of them.

I have motion-freezing strobes in several of my firmwares, either with fixed timing or automatic variable. I haven’t done a smoothly-adjustable one yet, but you can get that in tterev3’s MELD if you ask nicely. I got him to drop the flash time to 2 ms, though I’ve since found that’s too long for good motion stopping. I generally use 1 ms for slow strobes or 0.3ms for fast strobes.

Although I’ve been meaning to make an e-switch UI with operator-adjustable strobes, I’ve instead demonstrated my expertise in procrastination. It doesn’t help that almost nobody except me (and now you) seems to be interested.

So… maybe someday? :wink:

It’s a rainy day & the other day a cu BLF A01 (Old Lumens Version) came with NMM :confounded: Being as the light is essentially useless to me I decided to transplant it’s Nichia 219B (feels like in the 5000k tint?) into an old light which severely needed updating.

So just a simple emitter swap can do wonders…
My 4 sevens ti 1AA Quark originally had a XPG NW R4(or R5) put in when those emitters 1st came out & now it gets to crawl out of it’s drawer to be of some use.

Got my 3rd S41S and reflowed 219C D320 to it. Too hot to hold in 15 seconds and pulls just over 18A.

Also replaced the qlite spring on the H17f for my convoy s2+ triple with a brass button. Now that pulls 13 amps. (XP-L HI V3 3C). Pulled about 10a with qlite spring.

Last two small projects before the summer vacation :

Re-flowed a new LED in my fresh from the mail box Jetbeam JET- µ, the LED was a gift included in a recent flashlight purchase, Thanks djozz :beer:

Eagle Eye X6 with a Luminus SST-40 LED and BLF A6 driver :

X6 SST-40 6500K (left) C8S XHP50.2 3A (right)

The SST-40 is pulling 8,58A from a fully charged VTC6. I like the new emitter from Luminus but the tint is to cold for me. The drivers 45 sec step-down is about right it does get hot very fast.

Thanks for the reports on the SST-40, khas. I’m excited about the possibilities of this emitter and have ordered a couple from KD. Do you have any other quantitative output info? Like candela of the X6 with SST-40, or ceiling bounce numbers comparing it to an XPL direct drive?