What did you mod today?

Nothing so special today. I got bored that my Convoy M1 with 10x7135 only got warm so replaced the XM-L2 LED to XP-L and the driver to BLF A17DD.

These KD led boards need some filing to get through wires :frowning:

After that I installed purple lighted tailcap in to my Convoy S2+ UV

Left to right: SC62w, Convoy S3 (not AR), flashlightlens.com UCL, Thrunite TN12

Continue the yesterday work.
The Clear S2+ got biscotti.
A black S2+ got biscotti also and lighted tailcap.
Found some pretty nice green LEDs. Mixed with warm whites.

And a red S2+ got pink lighted tailcap. I managed to fit the 6 LED ring board. The problem was the metal button touched the LEDs top.

Grinded down the edge.

And it fits.

Next to the Clear S2+

All done.

Nice set, Zozz! I like the pink leds, should get some :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think it’s nice too. Also the green looks nice. More green in real life. Only the clear is mine. The other two is made by request. I also replaced the led board in the Clear to a PD68 design 6 led version. closer to the top so more light can come out.

Thanks. How did you manage to get the lens out?

I pried the bezel out. I think the first tool I used was a razor knife, followed by small screwdrivers. The flashlight was already nonfunctional, but the lens and bezel were not damaged in this process and can be reinstalled. It might impact waterproofing some.

How difficult is it to install a lighted tailcap for a convoy s2 with a qlite driver from mtnelectronics? MY SKILLS are limited to soldering the wires to a mcpcb. Also Where do you get the hardware from? Thanks!

Made a magnetic holder for the DQG UV lighter today to make it detachable like the 47’s atom triple

If you using original qlite firmware with 3/5 modes you can buy the astrolux lighted tailcap switch board from banggood and a white silicone tailcap rubber. Then if your flashlight is older you find an aluminum spacer between switch and rubber button. You can drill a lot hole in it to give a path for the light or you can replace some clear acrilyc washer. No need any soldaring work. Just unscrew the switch retaining ring and replace the internals. The retaining ring is left threaded.

I really got in lighted tailcaps :smiley: Done my wife’s green S2+ tailcap. It already has biscotti Fw so it needed a bleeder resistor on the driver.

I rebuilt my Ti X6 from Rey with XHP-50.2 emitters and a Khatod optic. Even with 22ga leads it pulls 17.22A from the pair of Efest 18350’s for 10,661 lumens! :smiley:

This is the light, back when I first built it with the CUTE-3 optics…

Holy Shit!

How long can you hold it in your hand, before it is too hot?

Battery runtime 3 Minutes?


Things like this are:

  • Why you’re known as Doctor Frankendale.
  • Why I have difficulty refraining from “colorful” language on BLF.
  • Why warning labels were invented.
  • Why I haven’t given up yet on humanity.

I know TK, those numbers seem kinda low, am waiting on my Aspire “yellow jacket” 18350’s to arrive so I can really put the zing in this light. :smiley:

Edit: A breakdown of the levels with tail current readings…

0.05A for 29.12 Lumens
0.19A for 155.6
0.44A for 455.4
1.33A for 1283.4
5.46A for 3774.3
11.35A for 6865.5
17.22A for 10660.5

This, on a pair of dark purple metallic looking Efest 18350’s.

I got mine with guppy, would it still work?

I haven’t tried with guppy. I don’t know. Maybe you will need to add a bleeder resistor to driver.

I made something half flashlight related and half car related. I had a faulty SK68 with died driver and led. I gutted the internals and added an old XML T6 LED, and made a circuit for using as an ignition setting strobe light for my car. The circuit in the battery tube. And the potmeter is used to set the flash time. Maybe if flashing enough at a very short setting I will replace it with a resistor. The black connector connecting to car battery, and one cable wrap around the cilynder one ignition cable.

Pretty much the ugliest soldering I have ever done :smiley:

Five words which shouldn’t go together.

Why not?