What did you mod today?

It’s ok, there may be better out there, but this is the first one I came across that I could actually find available to buy. Also I liked it’s shape, short and squat instead of tall and skinny.

It doesn’t clip on, and it’s definitely not made for this light. It is more of a pressure friction fit. It stays pretty well, I can lift the light up by the diffuser, but not shake it around, or drop it, it will pop off. I’m going to trim the excess plastic soon, and I may glue the whole thing to the lense retaining ring, but I’m not sure on that just yet.

It’s the Fenix AOD-L, and the best place I’ve found to get it is at their own website.
It was on sale when I got it, for $5, free local US shipping. Everywhere else was $7 or 8 plus shipping from China, which would’ve taken longer.

What ?! How ? :-o

Heat color changing paint. Nice job. Now I want to paint a whole flashlight with it :smiley:

I’ve just done the middle part too, will post in a bit :wink:

That’s pretty cool hot!
Which temperature is required to change the color?

With the middle section coated too here.

I've had this idea for a while, just got round to it.

I used strips of orange GITD sticky tape, though it looks pink in the gif on the light and black/ clear thermochromic powder mixed with UV setting glue as the paint didn't come in a colour change I wanted.

It's supposed to change colour/ become clear at 31°C, I think there are other temp ranges.

This is nice, you can see the heat creeping up the body.

That is freaking cool CRX! Way over the top : : :+1: :+1: :+1:

Wow, the things you come up with… That is just so cool! :beer:

Must be fun to scare people with read heat at a flashlight. :smiley:

Yeah, loan it to someone and tell them if it ever turns orange when using it then…. DANGER! :smiley:

… and when this imagined guy finally learned its only the paint he gets one of Dale’s overdriven lights with real red heat …

Well, I'll be carrying this light around with me for the next six month's just waiting for the opportunity O:)


That’s a super cool idea CRX :open_mouth: :+1: :+1:

CRX creativity is just amazing…

Where did you find black pigments that turn to some color after heating ? All the pigments I found are turning white-ish after heating

Maybe it’s a black pigment that turns clear, and he painted it over top of red?

Its not the pigment that changes the color to red/orange after heating, its the orange GITD tape, that becomes visible when the pigment is turning white.

CRX, you are a wizard!!

Ok, I think I get it :
GITD orange tape is under the paint. When it turns from black to clear, the orange glow is visible through it.
But that means that most of the time, you’ll not see orange but just white.
Anyway this is cool !