What did you mod today?

Yes to the latter, but it’s the older (somewhat ugly) Ti model. Still the same.

I’m about cooling the brass down. Glue should crack when the brass shrinks. Will the electronics and the glass survive a normal kitchen deep freezer? Otherwise I’d have to get cooler spray to apply it carefully to the thread, only cooling down some outside material.

Simple LED swap on FW3T, from XPL-HI 3D into Nichia 219F.


Nichia 219F on Noctigon. I like the way Clemence build the pill container.

And found how THICK the stock MCPCB is. I need to add a spacer.

Soldered and added GITD tape on head’s inner wall.

To be honest, this is the worst soldering job I’ve ever done. I think my soldering iron need replacement, the heat wasn’t maximum.

And done…

3000K and rossy!

No , haven’t tried a bearing race . Maybe after I finish this one , I’ll look into that . Thanks for the idea . I have been recycling / repurposing materials when I can figure a use for them.

I sliced two more LEDs today and made a quick video since a few pages back some questions came up how to do it.

My post with video link and a few extra details not described in the video: Video showing how to slice the dome off an LED with washers


Very neat, a nice karambit :+1:

beads on left under incandescent, beads on right illuminated by V10r Ti w E21a 3500k:

V11r head @ 0.01 lumens w E21a 3500k

V10r Ti w 4000k XP-G2

click for beamshots of E21a 3500k in V10r Ti and V11r


That gave me a good laugh. It’s not really a very practical type knife .

I think maukka, TK, probably bob all have something similar but I decided my mobile modding station needed a bit of light and I just couldn’t fathom working on high CRI flashlights and having a low CRI desk light.

The arm is huge, probably overkill for this size desk but if i want a really floody option I can get it real high up or use it on the opposite end of the desk, so i’ll keep the bigger swing arm. Pretty popular and affordable ~95CRI Viltrox L116T light with a (optional) DC adapter.


Adjustable clamp on boom with 1/4 stud:

Viltrox light:

DC Power supply:

Bonus tip:

You can see my ridiculous haul of optics from Yajiamei. Add a bunch of shit to your cart and do the classic “order but dont pay” then send a message to them to adjust the shipping costs. Thank me later.

Nothing special this time. Luxeon V 4000k, TA with bistro HD FET+6+1. All this in the L2T body with the L2P tail. Led soldered directly to the KD pill. Pill surrounded by copper sheet and tight pressed into a flashlight. I still have to make the switch and it will be over.

Thank you. It looks like I’ve always overpaid.
How much did you save?

Yep, I can confirm we’re all using the Viltrox as a work light :smiley: I upgraded mine to the architect lamp style arm instead of a flex arm earlier this year and I’m much happier. Zak and I have panels installed on the arm that comes with the Ikea Tertial lamp because it’s cheap and very robust compared to a lot of ones sold separately on Amazon.

Product Amount US $ 8.17
Shipping Cost US $ 28.95
Tax US $ 1.66
Total US $ 22.53

This was about 30 optics with about 24 unique types so it had an absurd $29 in shipping. I guess they marked the shipping down by more than half?

Did you fix the centering ring on this…

I also have the Ikea Tertial, but I use it for one of Bocian’s 4000K LED bulbs. Viltroxes are all on flexible goosenecks with spring clamps, so I can easily move them around for different purposes.

Clearly you missed the word “professional” on the box of mine… :smiley:

I saw the Ikea lamp option in my shopping around for ideas but the Ikea in my (big) city is quite a ways away and it’s a mad house inside.

Sorry. I do not understand what you mean.
I used the butterfly pad for xm size leds.

2 corners of the LED are inside and it looks like the opposite corners are under the ring…enlarge/blow up the pic…

I see that too, might be better to just round out the inside so it can spin freely

The corners are probably crushed when tightening the reflector. I had something similar in Convoy M1, also with luxeon v.

I didn’t mod a flashlight but I did change the oil on the truck today. Couldn’t find my filter wrench. Drilled a hole through the filter, put a screwdriver through the hole and loosened it that way.

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