What did you mod today?

nice work hcanning

how did you strip off the anodisation…. chemical method?

It looks clean

Thanks. I used oven cleaner (caustic soda) :slight_smile:

I did the same swap on my S1R II a while back and I was really surprised at how nice the tint is on the 3000K 90CRI XM-L2. It’s the second-pinkest LED I’ve seen after the sw45k.

I put the same emitter in a C8+ and while the tint is still very nice, it isn’t quite as pretty as it is in the S1R II. Must be how the beam is being blended by the TIR.

Glad to see that my vids are still useful :smiley:

After trying one of Sofirns LH351D in 5000K, I finally gave my Klarus Mi1C a LED that has less green than the 219C and makes a slightly larger spot. Wanted this for a long time and now decided for the right LED.

That’s impressive! Mine doesn’t appear to have any magenta tint to the beam, but I’m very okay with that regardless as it’s not horribly green or even yellowish, just a nice, warm white light.

I filed down and fit in a 3535 MCPCB into a black S1R II a while back, using a sliced 5000k dogfart and that one is also extremely nice. Again not a rosy tint but extremely pleasant to use with this TIR.

Also took a couple comparison image of the 3000k XM-L2, Sliced 5000k LH351D, and stock 6500k XM-L2. Used the tungsten WB setting on my phone so the beams look a little cooler than IRL, but it’s still a huge noticeable improvement.


If only Olight used press-fit bezels that were easy to access on their other models like the S1R II and S-Mini

The reflector in my Q8 is somehow stuck. Is there a trick to get it out? Does it have to be unscrewed?


Reflector is hold by three screws. You must first unscrew the driver to get to them.

Now that is a posh mod!

It was fun building it.


Your post gave me moral support to continue my delayed mod. Hopefully I can do it in this weekend :beer:

Just don’t give up! I still need to replace emitters on my board, have too much 4000K. Neeed one in 5000K 90CRI range.

Did i mention that Lux boards with e-switch are so damn nice?

Yesterday I bought a cheap AA zoomie flashlight on a street store.
At first I thought it was like those AA zoomie lights we can find all over the place on AliExpress. Something like that Warsun penlight zoomie .
But then I noticed it wasn’t.
This is a push-pull, not twisty zoomie (that I like), but…when I started opening it, guess what?
It is all press fit and the pill is plastic, no shelf! :o

The driver is single mode, the led is CW! So I started thinking about a mod. And so I did!

XML2 T6 3B on aluminium PCB (filed to fit the pill) + Lumintop Tool AA V2.0 driver + silicone inside between the PCB and the driver

As the driver doesn’t have metal parts on the side to make contact with the host (as it is press fit) I added some wires to make that contact! Otherwise it wouldn’t work.

The silicone was to, somehow, help to disspate someheat from the PCB. It will not be super effective but it is probably better than having nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

And this is the flashlight (zoomed in), compared with the Tool AA and the Livarnolux TL273:

I have recently started working on Streamlight Waypoint upgrade.

Good job MascaratumB! It seems the cheapo flashlights are the hardest ones to mod.

For the sake of completeness:

Measured it today at 410 lm, beam distance 87 m. Nichia 219C measurement (by Klarus) were 395 lumens and beam distance of up to 77 meters.

Thanks NeutralFan :wink:
Well, that was, at least, weird to mod :zipper_mouth_face: Press fit, plastic pills and that combination of driver/pcb/pill….was fun :smiley:
It trows well with the Tool AA + XML2 but it is a light for fun, mostly :wink:

Welcome to the club of 219B sw45k lights, EagTac D25A!

(no clever tricks, just brute force)