What did you mod today?

I’ve been super busy at work lately but finally got some time this arvo to work on this. My soldering and execution is not real good so this is kind of a proof of concept. As a result i had bad connections etc… and it took several goes to get it to function properly.

New led mod :weary:


That must have hurt, might as well tell the story


Also: What did you BREAK today?

Let me guess. This new type of led mod throws a shadow into the light…. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry I couldn’t resist. Better luck next time CNCman :wink:

I had a simple yet satisfying evening swapping drivers and emitters in two hosts:

S21A, LH351D 5000K, 20mm, SST40 6A

C8+, SST40 6500K, Mtn FET 17mm

This is actually my second S21A that just arrived from Mtn. Electronics. My first S21A fits all my 21700s but this one has a smaller inner diameter. I added an older convoy pocket clip but sealed it with heat shrink. It needs 6mm hex fasteners. I think the S21A is perfect for the LH351D.

I had my 5000K in the C8+ but the SST40 has quite a tight beam with this reflector. After reading about the choices of an XPL-Hi or an SST40, I chose MORE LIGHT with perhaps, a little less throw.

Is that some sort of new UV or IR led. I can’t see anything but a black spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are cruel…

Nah, it’s just a dark-emitting diode, or DED.

Yeah, it ded…

So it emits dark energy?

First mod in a LONG time. LED swap on a 2020 model Jetbeam RRT01:

Shaved LH351D 5000K from AEDe’s last batch

I cut flat parts on the centering ring so it would not “rock” against screw heads and clear my solder blobs. It sits nice and even now.

The spare garden hose washer you get with sprayers and hoses to work with bezel.

Very nice result. This is on high, in hot spot, using stock glass. If I replaced the glass it would be even lower DUV.

Today I sliced LH351D in Wurkoss F11.

It gets more throwy, warmer and less green :slight_smile:

Been noticing some posts on sliced 351D's - sounds all good, but I assume lumens is down. Any know the #'s of kcd increase, lumens decrease?

djozz ran a test with the 4000K version and reported 18% lumen loss and 50% throw increase.

Lower DUV by >= 0.0035 and Lower CCT by ~500K is pretty consistent too

this review says the 2019 gets 680 lumens on 18350

it seems the LH351d only drops output by 6% compared to xpl (ceteris paribus)

Mine was taken after only a few seconds and I wouldn’t trust either of ours to be accurate to begin with. On paper the difference should be greater

NW XM-L 400 lumens w 18350:

219b 4500k 9080 sw45k 310 lumens w 18350
(23% less lumens, 550% more R9):

Thanks gchart - definitely worthwhile to me too. Of course djozz would have done it!

It all started with discovering here on BLF that Lexel made a better driver for the Haikelite MT07 Buffalo. Same light that was entered in the Old Lumens Flashlight Challenge 2019. So I ordered the 12v 6amp driver, the stock driver is 6v. The problem started when I could not find a 36mm 12v mcpcb, so I modded the existing one, and my first attempt was poor. And I’m pretty sure the re-flow was poor to boot. I did find the Haikelite store and ordered 2 more and try again to modify one to 12v. Also ordered some Kester RF741 No-Clean Electronics Rework Flux 6cc Syringe to help next time re-flowing already used led’s. I am still not sure what caused it to fail, so any suggestions are welcome. Do you think 18 ga between the driver and mcpcb is too big ? Still learning what no to do :person_facepalming:


I accidentally ripped off the top copper trying to bend the wire around the mounting screw. I later realized the reflector would contact the solder, so it was necessary to move the connection outboard and file the reflector to get clearance.

These switch wires are confusing, so i found the White and Black were on and off so i onle hooked those up and left the switch leds disconnected. Any help on this would be great.