What did you mod today?

Jetbeam TCR-1

Short heat colored clip. Glow behind the optic. Triple 219b sw35 9080.

Wow, Wow, Wow!

congratulations :slight_smile:

how did you solve the need for a spacer?
did you have to reduce the diameter of the optic to fit?

Thanks, very happy with the result.
I let a colleague copy the pinkpanda spacer from my regular rrt01 on his lathe.
I reduced the optic using a rotary tool.

Great to hear you managed to make it happen, and that it fits… your TiTriple looks Awesome!

Major respect to pinkpanda, his legacy lives on :beer:
sw35k 9080:

:slight_smile: Very nice mod!
I’m happy to see this light with a nice upgrade.
Good job Franck :+1:

thanks for making it possible

a hint about picture quoting… the last pic in a quote needs a space after the !
then it works

definitely worth requoting those pics… they are outstanding, so is the light :slight_smile:

I know that probably most of you tried this before. Like 7 years ago. But I had to try it myself.

It’s MT-G2 Q0 in OP reflector. The host is ThorFire C8S with H1-A driver.

Hotspot and corona are creamy white :heart_eyes: , spill has a just a tad higher duv, nothing crazy like XHP-xx or even XM-L2. Very, very satisfying build.

C8S is a sweet host and that deal that came up from the ThorFire rep on the forum was too good to pass up. Larger driver, tail standing and thumb compatible switch, nice machining.

Your build looks nice!

I really like C8S as a host :slight_smile:

Thanks :beer:

Since I dislike low CRI CW and since the UV light of the K3 lite is too easily activated, it got a SST-20@4000K (main, for a little more throw) and a 219B sw45k D200 because everything else is red or rosy, too.

Not a nice mod. Fitorch lived up to the RoHS regulation and used leadfree solder. Melted at approx. 230 °C :weary: Taking this apart is also not nice :confounded:


Armytek Zippy. The 5000K Nichia 219C is a little tilted. I never before reflow over a candle. May fail or not, LED swap is easy enough for a second try.

Good news for SP40 users: 219B with no beam artifacts :smiley:

Don’t know if turbo is healthy for the LED, probably not, but color is still ok.

I found out the 17mm forward clicky from mountain electronics will fit a Lumintop Tool AA with some dremeling to reduce the diameter a little bit. I used an old surefire switch boot with no nub and it’s worked great so far.

Welcome to BLF, 1313! You’ve been here 6 months and this is your first post?

I’m willing to pretend the last 6 months didn’t happen!

Yep, 2020 has been a rough year.

:+1: I read a lot and post very little.

Also swapped Osram W2s into a FW3A, my first emitter swap. I love the W2 emitter. Love the torch labs clips too. Their 1” clip just took a little sanding on the inner diameter to fit and the Convoy had to be drilled and tapped. The convoy next to the FW3A was modded by Skylumen with an sbt90.

Looks good :wink:
BTW, are you using Carclo 10507 or 10511?

:+1: 10507, I think its my favorite.

Nice, it will also give it some throw! :wink: Well done!!

Greetings 1313.

Nice work on the Tool and the FW3A.

Would love to see some beam comparisons of the W2 against whatever you have that might compare well.

Beasmshots to follow, thanks for the feedback :beer:

This is the switch I used for the Tool AA 2.0. Not the prettiest work but dropped right in afterwards.