What did you mod today?

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Jetbeam TCR-1 mod to sw45k



I plan to put together a l6 convoy with a luminus sft70. Do you know of a 30mm driver for this 6V led? I need a strong one because surely this led will last more than 10A

It may not be 10A, but can’t you just use the XHP70.2 driver that is made for the L6?

Should work fine. There’s a notable lack of enthusiast drivers (particularly, anything using Anduril) for 2S input

Got my second shipment of FD2 bin SST20s last night.

Immediately installed half of them into my DQG Tiny IV triple and my modded Emisar D4 with lighted metal switch.

I love this emitter! Blows away all other SST-20s I’ve seen. Creamy rosy tint even at low power settings. Makes even the SST-20s that came with my FWAA look like crap. Much rosier than even XPL HI 5D.

I think I should order more.

I built Convoy M21C with Xhp35.2 6500K 80cri from Kaidomain. I used Convoys 12V 2,5A boost driver with it.

Hotspot had weird yellowish center with tiny blue dot in it. Around that yellow area beam was about 6500K as it should.

After some use emitter had donut hole symptoms and I checked the reason. Whole emitting surface was charred black. I cleaned it and underneath the black stuff the led was perfect. After that I tried it again. No more yellow area and no more charring.

Seems to handle 2,5A well. I don’t know the reason for charring. I cleaned the led with q-tip and electric cleaner just before closing the bezel. After the charring I cleaned it with same method and it seems to work just fine.

Maybe I burned and cleaned extra CRI values away. :smiley:

Edit: corrected typo

only 5A? I think it would be wasting a sft70

There’s 30mm FET driver for 2S input (suitable for L6 with XHP70.2). Would that work?

that might be too much. can you show a link anyway?

There was a 5 A driver but I can’t find it at Convoys.
Would this GT FC40 Driver and switch for Convoy L6 be adequate? How much current?

30mm FET from Mtnelectronics. I’m on mobile or I’d link it directly. Suitable for 6v emitters with 2s input.

GtFc40 is 12 emitter

So that GT FC40 would be a 12 Volt emitter. Didn’t know as not much stated on Simon’s listing. There was some talk about on the forum, but it wouldn’t be getting anywhere so I dropped the thread. Basically new LED and not much known about it.

Would be nice to have the link, always less hassle in trying to get some info without all the fuzziness. Still curious about the current output. Richard doesn’t commit to any ballpark values (I suppose that’s because it could have multiple input configurations).

Pardon my interest as isn’t altruistic but for myself – was looking to build such light with an SFT70.

Thank you! did not know the page. I think that driver can go well, I’ll ask for it.

I changed emitter to my Sofirn SP35, because it was bit too throwy to my taste. I put in XHP50.2 from Sofirnlight.com, that they tell is 5000-5300K. It might be 3A chromaticity bin. Doesn’t seem that green as 3B from Cutter and maybe bit warmer. Otherwise nothing spectacular. Little brighter and floodier than stock light. Bezel was tightly glued. Now I suppoce this is quite efficient flashlight thanks to buck driver and XHP50.2.

Correct driver: 30mm FET Driver - 2S Momentary - Convoy L6

Don’t use 7135 for anything but 3v emitters.

The GT FC40 emitter is 12 volts.
(djozz review… Alibaba GT-FC40 tested (a 5000K 95CRI 12V domeless XHP70 replacement, supplied by rngwn) )

It appears to me that the linked to mtn-e driver is a 6 volt output, with a 2 in series input.

Mtn-e does list some boost drivers that can provide 12 volt output from 1 cell. But they are marked out of stock

Convoy has this one for fc40

…. and this

It seems it is not easy to find 12 volt output drivers that also put out enough amps to make it worth using the FC40. They will not be cheap either.

I have used the FC40 in a modded Thrunite T2 with the T2 driver. Works nice.

Thanks we’re talking about SFT70 in 6V

I guess I got lost or didn’t see that :person_facepalming:

Originally I was looking to use Convoy’s XHP70.2 boost driver with the SBT70 (using an L21A as host). Can this driver (link ) be upped the current, say to ~7Amps by piggybacking a 20 milliOhm to the 10 milli sense resistor?
Intended Molicel P42A battery, should be able to handle the 15 Amps.