What did you mod today?

SFT70 :smiley:

Where did you get these? I only have a few and have several lights I would like to put them in. I could not agree more about the tint and DUV, my D4V2 and D4SV2 both have them and I would love them in my SST-20 FW3A and FWAA. I am not sure that I would grade them as better tint than the XP-L 5A2 or 5A3, but the CRI is far better.

Oh no it’s my fault because I’m doing a terrible job of quoting, which is because I’m on mobile

Likely Kaidomain

Ummm, gents… the sft or sst 70 can be run 6V or 12V on xhp50 boards

The converter used (TPS61088) is operating close to its limit already, it’s likely the current even decreases with a low battery.

I have put 20mOhm one on top of 10mOhm one. I haven’t measured output but it draws one amp more from full battery. How well that correlates with the output is probably guesswork when we are already above the limits of some components.

Many thanks. Answers my doubts.

Would there be some driver to boost to 6V in the 7 Amp range? Preferred 22mm.

Yeah, and if he wants more power from it in an L6 he’ll have to go FET.

Yes, there are things I truly dislike on mobiles, but at times have no choice

I haven’t got much time nowadays. My latest project is sitting stagnant in the lathe. But I did get to mod something this week (if you can call this a mod…). I got a delivery of a uf2100 so I legoed it with the head from a wf-501a. I made one like this a few years back and sold it. I like the aesthetic so much I had to do another one.

Yup Kaidomain.

Convoy XHP35 driver with some modification, check this thread here : Convoy XHP35 Driver Analysis / Testing / Schematic

Changing R16 for 6V, R16= R17 x (Vout-Vfb)/Vfb with Vfb = 1V
So something like 220k or 240k.
R10 (Rsense) to 10m since Vsense is set at 74mV.

Or there is mine too, when I’ll be able to make some to sell, but it’s e-swtich only.

I did little test bench to see how changing current sense resistor affects in Convoy’s 6V 5A driver. I didn’t try to optimize the circuit, but it is same in both cases. First with stock driver and XHP70.2 M4 bin.

Then driver with 6,7mOhm current sense resistor (20mOhm and 10mOhm parallel. Otherwise the rig is the same.

So 18% increase in output.

@ Freeman – you’re heaven sent. I had totally forgotten about that XHP35 driver that you previously cited in one of my previous threads (Convoy boost driver problem).

A few resistor changes and I’d get the 7-7½ Amps in a 22mm package.

How do I earmark such reference posts? saved to ‘Drivers’ folder w/in Chrome. Committing to memory post titles falters.

I had read some on your endeavor with a 6 V Anduril boost. The ultra-low moonlight levels are not used for these types of lights. But I’m looking forward to the eventual production of some and I would have used a Sofirn C8 (‘x’) as host – if they would cater to such a request.

in this driver? 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢

Yes, that one.

How weird, I changed the detection resistance to 0.05 Ohm (R010 + R010) and there was no difference. the resistors may not have made good contact.

You are above the driver’s current capability.

Maybe too much above specs of the components on the driver. Most likely not contact, because you should see some difference.