What did you mod today?

Cheeky spring mod on a 2D mag. Looking for a drop in for this one any recommendations.

Made a couple of minor mods this weekend.

First was to swap the LED in an Olight S1A, put in a nice warm XM-L2 5C1! Love it now.

Second I put an XM-L2 5C1 in a customers light, he saw my 4C and wanted a little warmer tint. The 5C1 made him very happy!

Third, I put an XP-G3 5 bin hi cri into an Olight S10R. Do not do that, the XP-G3 left a strangely colored doughnut hole in the XP-L reflector, had to switch it back.

I do not understand why Olight has such minor UI differences between similar lights. The S1R has electronic lockout and a brighter moon mode, the S1A has no electronic lockout and a good moon mode. The S10R has an electronic lockout but the beam profile stinks.

I would carry the S1A often, except I do not have the option for an electronic lockout and it requires 2 hands for a tailcap lockout. I often do not have 2 hands free on ladders and such.

I cured ringworm

Yes, makes the light much more appealing to me now. I put the same emitter in my Olight S2 today, gonna throw one in my S1A tomorrow.

Tints are a little exaggerated, but you get the idea. S1A left, S2 right.

Made a new alu head on a cheapo plastic 1 x AA headlamp.
Looks way better than the body now, a bit like it doesn’t belong together…
But it’s still light weight, which is nice.
Flood optics (of course)

Sorry, no pics… (yet)

All of you with polished Cute SS optics, do you have artifacts in the far spill area? I have 3, it looks like reflections off the optic posts.

Yes, I have the same.

Yes, Carclo Quad does the same.
And just to be sure, you filed a couple MM off the bottom of the legs?

I’m not sure I can get used to that. Maybe some black tape on the legs would….

I’ve ordered another optic from Intl-outdoor to swap in.

Didn’t file anything off, the legs were already shorter than the mcpb

HMM had to file all mine so far. Just checked the remaining 2 Cute triple and the legs are too long.
Holes are already cleared of solder… Drilled out to the copper.

There are two variations on the CUTE-3, one is for Cree and the other isn’t. The other one has long legs, the Cree one works out right. I like to use the long legs and drill slight holes in the heat sink, let the legs lock into the sink this way so the optic doesn’t turn or twist and mess up the emitters. :wink:

Edit: Intermatix or something like that. It’s the one with the longer leg section where it goes through the mcpcb.

Baked my first ’light! An Eagle Eye X6 from Fasttech. We had a pizza for dinner last night and I did the light parts after: 450 F for 30 minutes. A little bit of a burnt paint smell, but that dissipated soon enough out the open window. I didn’t even get any crap over it… showed the pretty brown off to my dark chocolate loving wife.

The photo shows it alongside a bone stock BLF Limited Edition X6

Next will be reassembly using a triple Noctigon with the Ledil Cute 3. That might be a few days as there is other stuff that needs attention before I play.

OOh, nice! Turned out well Don.
I got an empty EE X6 sitting here. Good to know they turn out uniform color. Already have a stripped and polished X6 and If I screwed up a bake I would have 2 stripped X6’s.

It is a very dark brown. Definitely not black though. The picture has a bright light shining on the lights.

Yup, just like the M2 I did. Brighter the light on it, the more Red? I am surprised how hard and durable the finish remains.

And yet it turned brown… :stuck_out_tongue:
Great trick though, thanks for sharing. :+1:

But does it matter if you use a gas oven or an electrical oven (CO2 or not) ?

I used an electric oven.

I also, just for the heck of it used a butane torch on a left over black anodized sleeve from a cheap zoomy this afternoon. It turned a dark brown as well. Maybe a little more golden hue to it. So I guess it varies a lot depending on the anodizing dye used in the original anodizing.

Cool, i’ll have a go with a butane torch right away !

Waiting for parts, so I forced myself to find something to mod. Ended up bypassing the springs on my S70. Really made that resistor blob mod come to life.

Since we’re on the topic of Cute optics, is much gained by polishing them? Is it just a gain of overall lumens?

Almost no gain in lumens, just a bit gain in throw (per Dale). Personally I don’t think it’s worth it because there are a lot more artifacts polished.