What did you mod today?

I used Drano Professional Strength Crystals from Home Depot use half cup mixed with warm water and that I learned from one of BLF member.
Little 2000 grit sanding and alot of polish with mother mag & aluminum polish.

cool contrast with the black section and targeted polishing, nice.

I have my own stripped triple just sitting here, still waiting for emitters. I refuse to post pictures till it’s done!

You cannot possibly use that light! Anything that clean and nicely done just shouldn’t be touched!!! NICE!

I Admire your work Sir. Keeping the frosted knurling while sanding and polishing. :+1: :+1:
Nice contrast. Optic looks very good.


thank! alot man hours.

My first Bake. Convoy M2 was Glossy Black.

No camera flash

Mmmmm… chocolate; dark chocolate. MMMMM

I may try heat on the eagle Eye X6 that came this week

Hello Don,
Thanks for the PM…

I wasn’t fond if the Glossy Black. Now I like it. Need to order a Tpad with emitters to make another quad of it.
Have seen a couple X6 baked. Careful with the heavier center. May need more time to get uniform with the other parts. Clean and degrease before the bake.

Fenix TK75 current boost & dedome.

You’re welcome, those Olights are so much nicer with warmer tints :slight_smile:
My EDC is an S1 ti with the aforementioned LED :wink:

Not torch related, but I modded a wallet today. It is a cow-fur wallet which I won on eBay for the princely sum of £1. The postage to send it to me actually cost more than that!!! Anyway, it was a big long cheque-book style wallet which isn’t of use to me as I needed something a bit smaller.

So today I bought a tube of leather glue, and took my Spyderco British Blades Urban to the wallet, slicing away a lot of the leather from the top and bottom edges, reducing its dimensions by roughly half. As well as the glue, it is held together by some extremely thin, flat leather cord (more like narrow ribbon actually) which I completely unpicked and which I’ve re-sewn into the wallet with a broad darning needle. I’ve turned it into a sort of bi-fold wallet, retaining a small popper-stud coin pouch. I’m chuffed with the results so far.

It’s a bit rough and ready but I like that in a wallet.


made a light awhile back from some junk laying around.

Second attempt at Baking Failed. This was an S2 Hard Oxygen. Each pieces was completely different despite the time baked.
So… it got stripped and polished.

Nice mods above, including the wallet :slight_smile:

I like Supfire flashlights for their low price and high build quality, but even their newest models have terrible and outdated drivers. I got a Supfire A2 for under 13 dollars at Hobbyking, a very handsome and well-build e-switch zoomie, but with low PWM and bad mode-spaced driver (100,50,20%,strobe,SOS) . Btw, Hobbyking sells a few models of Supfire for cheap, i.e. the Supfire M2 sells for about 8 dollar shipped, sounds a great modding host to me.

In the Supfire A2 I did a simple emitter swap (XM-L2 on alu board was removed, dedomed XP-G2 S3 3D on 16mm Noctigon was soldered in, everything around the led die was made black), to see if I would like it enough to mod it further with a new better driver. It will not be trivial to upgrade the driver while keeping the charging possibility for a straightforward modder like me.

The light is improved a great deal, better tint, better looking beam, better throw (a respectable 34kcd now). The current at high is 1.8A, with a new driver the throw can be doubled to around 70kcd. It can become a really nice light, so now I need ideas, courage and modding time to do the driver!

I got tired of waiting. Here is my latest project even without her emitters.

wow! :+1:

I recently came across my old UltraFire A20. The A20 takes a 14mm mcpcb, but I didn’t have any lying around. So, in true modding fashion, I had to grind down the lip of the pill to eliminate the LED “pocket,” make the top flat and polish it back up again. Now, it fits a 16mm led, no problem! :smiley:

I soldered in a blf a6 driver and an accidentally dedomed xpl v6 2c. I had to shave off some of the reflector to ensure it wasn’t going to short out with the new led. I’m really happy to have given some new life to an old light.

Nice work, Sprinkles. Many of those old lights are very good, they just lack a modern emitter, and sometimes a better driver.

I finished my build for the DPS5015 power supply…

More info on the other thread

Nice job zipeglas. Looks very neat. :+1: