What did you mod today?

I just put it back together.
The optic was purchased from You.
From memory, last night, the lip on both glossy and flat are 8mm depth.

I have one that it is not measurable. In my Astrolux S1 with 18350 tube and re-flashed driver. If i remember correctly it has 1 or 2/255 and the emitter barely lights up . Works perfectly if you want close to 0 light.

Ok. Lets devide kit and see how two parts fit independent.
Head have step where ring can be hold. It is 7.7mm in mine.
Bezel screw-in part depth is 3.6mm, stock glass lens are 1.55mm thick.
7.7-3.6-1.55=2.55mm, this is thickness of ring together with pressed stock 1mm o-ring.
If lip on both are same height, there are only two ways:

  1. ring height is right for both
  2. ring heigh should be different because of different bezel thread part or other glass thickness
    If ring should have smaller OD, bezel threads are different and bezels are not interchangable?
    To specify spacer height, I need to know reflector height. Third time asking.
    Not head internal, you shouldnt open light for that. Just measure spare part that you have received together with the host.
    P.S. I`m not 100% sure but I think your ring us upside down. 0.88’’ is not thin enough to sand down o-ring groove.
    P.P.S. Are you sure that all hosts have square-cut tube threads?

Astro SS Triple XP-L HI V2 3A 18AWG MtnE Fet+1 Bistro. All soldered solid from head to copper spacer and MCPCB. Polished optic.

If you are using the X6 spacer in the SS be aware that the contact surface to the head is now on the BLACK area in the pic. Center is too short to contact the emitter shelf.

put a 3c and 4c emitters in my niterider bike lights (one emitter each)

I put a fet+1 and a XP-L V6 1A in a Eagletac D25LC2 Mini that I had laying around. The reflector has a very slight orange peel so it throws a very nice beam with zero artifacts.

Do you have a blue o-ring in there? Is that what’s causing the blue in the reflector in that shot?

I’ve got lots of eagltacs laying about. It’s probably time to upgrade the emitters.

Nah, it’s a black one, I took the picture with my phone and the led is cw so that’s probably where the blue is coming from.

Installed tail reverse clicky switch on Vollsion SP11

An old steel ratchet box & leather jacket

Nice one CRX! :wink:

I had my wife help me this past weekend and we modified our financial situation into oblivion by purchasing a new car. :confounded:

Is that to keep your lights in? :smiley:

Yeah, I didn’t think to just leather line an old ratchet box. :person_facepalming:

Nothing too major, tried an XPL HI V2 5A2 in my Olight S2. It sucked. Irregular dark spot in the center of the hotspot, and odd yellow artifacts in the corona. Pity, had high hopes, lol. Oh well, guess I’ll need to get a 4C XM-L2 to throw in there.

That’s a pity, I had hopes for XPL under the Olight TIR…
Well, you can always choose the XM-L2 5D1 80+ CRI on INTL Outdoor which has a good neutral tint (on the warm side though) and good color rendition.

That’s exactly what I just ordered, for both my S2 and S1A.

My first triple built.

Oh, forgot to add my thanks, X3. Without your S2 disassembly video, I likely wouldn’t have attempted it! :beer:

…and how sweet it is. Totally immaculate. How about some details? How did you strip the body so cleanly, and get the polished highlights?