What do you think about the new ganzo G711?, it has a beautiful wide flat blade. And wich do you prefer, the ganzo g704 or g711?

What do you think about the new ganzo G711?, it has a beautiful wide flat blade. And wich do you prefer, the ganzo g704 or g711?




I like the looks of the 704 better… I just ordered a Enlan EL01 on Monday.

Still prefer the style of my el04, but they’re both pretty nice

Its curved handle feels good in the hand although a wider cutout (like on the EL08) would make it even better. Thanks to its full flat ground blade it excels in slicing too:

Do they really upgrade the steel for $1 ? Or are they just printing a extra C next to the 440.

IMO, Bee/Enlan and Sanrenmu (SRM) knives are made with a higher quality of steel that can be honed to a finer edge and hold it longer. Their build quality is much better, more consistent, better finished and with a far superior factory edge. Ive gifted at least 500+ so Ive had many to compare.

Ive gifted all of my Ganzo’s. Unless something revolutionary happens to improve them, I wont be buying any more.

I have yet to find a better medium-large EDC for the money (EL01 non-serrated version). Mine and several others have been to hell and back. Some have been resharpened dozens of times and keep working hard in their daily lives.

Unfortunately most of the SRMs are too small to be useful.
So I continue to take advantage of the use of my Ganzos (G704, G710, G711).

Yeah, SRM is nice but almost all of them are too small to get a good grip with. The 938 is an exception and makes an excellent slicer.

That’s the one I ordered to… I just placed another order for the Ganzo G707. Any recommendations on my next knife? Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

Damn you must have some happy friends! :bigsmile:

I like Ganzo and Navy. My Navy K-607 is a copy of the Spyderco Lil’ Temp and it’s a little beast. My Ganzo 710 is the smoothest Axis lock I have owned and I own real Benchmades as well.

I have the Ganzo 704 and I am less impressed with it. The Axisnlock is smooth but there is some vertical blade play which I am not happy with. It can be fixed but it would be nice not to have to work on a knife after you get it.

I have had to do mods on about half my Chinese knives to make them work for me better. Most common is having to reduce the side of the grip where your thumb needs to go to depress the liner lock. Many Chinese knives do not recess this area enough.

My Enlan and SRM knives seem to hold an edge a bit better than the Ganzos I've come across as well.

My sample size, at around a dozen, is far smaller than yours !

I’m impressed with the smoothness of my G710 too.

Which version of the G704 do you have? The early ones with the thinner 3.7mm blade came with some vertical blade play. My newer model with the 4.0 mm thick blade is rock solid.

It is probably an exception, a lucky defect, because all Ganzo knives with axis-lock are known to have “very” stiff omega springs to the point that the axis-lock can’t be released with one thumb and it is still stiff with 2 thumbs. It is true for my G704 and G710. Contrary to the Benchmade axis-lock that can be released with 1 thumb.
My BM 746 mini onslaught was (out of the box) “uber” smooth to open/close and the axis-lock release was (and is still) perfect, soft but secure.

Is it the first version with the brand name engraved on the top of the blade (that can be seen “knife closed”) or the revision with the brand name engraved at the bottom of the blade ?
Except for a factory defect, the vertical blade play was fixed with the revision.

Well. Some toughts:

1) I have SRM, Enlan, Bee and Ganzo knives. From ganzo i have only the g710 and it’s incredible smooth, however i have the enlan el04 and the axis system is much more… mmm unpleasent to use but however again has more size of the blade on the lock and for me it’s more safe the el04 than the g710 (less blade size on the axis lock).

2) If the ganzos are really 440C steel and it holds an edge worse than the enlans: a) It isn’t true that it has 440C
b) The heat treatment must be bad
c) And somebody says that in China there isn’t 440C steel really, and they call 440C to the 9CR14MOV (still better than the 8CR13Mov)

3) SRM seems to be toys for the knife size for me, they can make bigger knifes.

I don’t know… but i like the Ganzo G711 and G707, and thr G704 but i only have the G710.

I couldn’t resist so I took my dremel and widened the cut-out on the handle of my G711:

I think my next folder is going to be Ganzo g711 or g704 or g707…