What do you think, about your signatures?

Gentlemen, a thought...

Would those of you that place a detailed listing of your collection in your signatures consider not doing that anymore?

I ask because it totally kills the search capability of this website. If you try to search for a specific flashlight post, all you get are hundreds of posts with those signatures, without being able to find the posts ABOUT those lights.

What do you think?

Thanks for your time reading this.


+1 There is always the solution of making a jpeg/png of the collection list, and putting that as a signature.

Thanks, I like it. Wish I'd thought of it.


+1 been trying to hunt some info and sifting takes forever


jpeg is very good idea. or a link to a collective thread where every BLF member updates his/her post of listed possessions.

Well, I guess I'll have to change mine to a image. :Р

Edit: done

Sweet! You can't tell if it was text or image, until you hovered over it!

png format is even better when you use text.

cool cool cool (Abed in Community haha).

i like my own sig a lot. reminds me of my pending orders so that i wouldnt forget ;)

Yeah, jacked-up search results due to flashlight listings inside signatures has been bugging me too. I'll have to change mine so I don't contribute to the problem.

As an alternative solution, is it possible for BLF's forum software to be set to IGNORE signature content during searches?

Part of the problem is probably that the forum search is done by google and not by the forum software.

You can use the forum search instead of the google search. Just click on the first search without any input and you will see another search to your right. Use that one as it will ignore signatures.

There is a drawback to that though, The forum search uses up forum bandwidth but the Google search does not. I suspect that is why the Google search is the default option here.

I am no expert, but I have heard that forum searching with your own forum software is very expensive compared to the Google search which is basically free except for some small ads on the page and whatever data mining Google gets out of it.


Gonna be hard to prevent future members from doing this though.

+1 Its hard for me too. Thanks for putting up possible solutions to this problem

removed mine

I still recommend using a separate post for your collection, and hyperlink to the post outlining your collection. That way you can include pictures, and comments, not just a list.

This was recommended above too.