What do you use your knives for?

Just wondering what most of you use your knives for?

I have a few, don’t have a lot of need for them but use them to open packages sometimes.

Today I found a new use for a little larger knife like the Bee L05-1… whittling wood. I went on a long hike in the mountains and picked up a branch to use as a walking stick.

I decided to bring it back home and use my knife to remove the bark and I whittled off all of the broken off stubs where branches had been. Now I have a nice walking stick that I will take with me next time.

It was kind of fun “carving” the stick. Having a knife that fit well in the hand rather than a smaller more convenient knife was a big plus.

Anyone use them for carving (maybe something a little more involved than my stick )?

Carry one most days but for little use, although I used one at work the other day on some very thick clear plastic wrap on some racking (heat shrink wrap, many layers thick) and it went thru it like butter. A normal issued cutting knife used at work wouldn’t have made a dent, so I actually think these types of knives are safer to use than adjustable cutters.

I use my knives for marking or scribing lines in woodworking. It’s a lot more accurate than a pencil. Perfect for marking dovetails as the knife has already severed the wood fibers leaving a crisp edge.

Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife - pretty much daily use.

1. Opening envelopes and boxes.
2. Cutting rope and webbing.
3. Cutting seat belts.
4. Shattering tempered glass.
5. Emergency screwdriver.
6. Accidentally cutting myself.

Fortunately for my fingers, the list is in order of frequency. :slight_smile:

If i told you, i’d have to kill you afterwards…. :steve:

Exactly what I did at the age of 8 on vacation when I got my first swiss army knife.. and I still do that from time to time. We never grow up..

I use my knifes basically just to have them. One with belt cutter and glass breaker will be in my car, just in case.. I also have a dagger which I take with me when we go for picnic. Its great to cut any food you could possibly carry with you.

Recently I did the same thing as you except when I got home I also mounted a compass on top and put on a leather handle and lanyard.

I’m realizing that the next time I go hiking I could decide to just chunk this stick so I didn’t want to get too fancy. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably end up with a small collection of sticks now. :slight_smile:

I bought a walking stick from this guy while on vacation in the Blue Ridge mountains two weeks ago ...He seemed legit ...

You are such a sweet couple! :shy:

Jack, that pic is hilarious.

I use my knife daily, and am baffled as to why most folks seem to not have one when needed.

My EDC is a Cold Steel Tuff Lite (not the “mini”) and the Wharncliffe blade is an extremely useful shape for most utility tasks.

I was in Radio Shack (Tandy) the other day, and one of the employees was attempting to open a blister-pack containing some phone accessories for a customer with a dull razor knife, and failing miserably.

I offered up my knife to the employee (who knows me) and he proceeded to dispatch the packaging in short order.

The customer, suitably impressed, asked me what kind of blade it was, how to sharpen it, etc… I could have sold it to him on the spot !

Uhh, perhaps to cut stuff? Clean a fish? Sever a seatbelt in an emergency? Slit open an envelope? Whittle a toothpick? Pry your quarter out of a broken vending machine? Remove a splinter from your finger? Open a package? Cut out some coupons? Tighten the little screws in your eyeglasses? Trim some uphostery fabric? Remove a hanging thread? Behead and quarter a chicken? Scrape dried pudding off your jacket? Slice a cigar tip? Carve pinewood derby car? Trim the thorns off some roses? Sharpen a pencil? …………………etc

Actually, I stole above from “grifhunter” on another forum. Had to repeat.
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I use my Blur daily to open boxes and packages, strip electrical cords, scrape old gaskets etc. It is a tool and if I ever abuse it to the point of ruining it, I will replace it. I never use it as a pry tool though but have used it to cut aluminum cans in a pinch. I most generally keep it razor sharp.

My knives are the dust collecting back-ups to my flashlights.

I keep a Gerber and a CRKT as my work knive’s for cutting boxes and plastic wrap from the pallets, the rest are just kept in my gear box with my lights. So what do you guys use to sharpen your blades.

Smith’s Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening System

Here is a YouTube video. Smiths video

It takes a little bit to get used to, but it is dummy proof as far as getting an even angled edge and it gets your knife very sharp.

Cool how do you like using it………I use the Lansky Stones at 3degrees.

I like it. Until about a year ago, I always just free-handed it with a wetstone. I could get a sharp knife but I wasn’t great at keeping a steady angle.

I got the Smith sharpener about a year ago. I spent about a week sharpening a couple of pocket knifes and a half dozen kitchen knives including an eight inch bladed chef’s knife.

I use the 20 degree option on all my knives, mostly so I don’t have to remember which knife had what angle. The knives that started out with a different angled edge took the longest to get sharp but now it is just a matter of giving them a few licks on each side with the sharpening kit.

Cool…….All my blades now cut my leg hairs, letting the bald spots grow back. If you want to sharpen to a different degree then use Coarse to reprofile the blade, and then use the others to set the sharpness, getting the blade sharp might take some time but in the end its all worth it. For work they seem to hold and edge well and i sharpen my work knife about once a week. I was checking out the Diamond set from Lansky and ouch the price is just up there. One should always have a sharp blade or what is the point in carrying one.

How do you sharpen knifes that are not straight with these tools? Most of my knives are curved..

The blade of the knife does not have to be straight, since your going against the blade in a up motion………