What does Sofirn mean?

Its a weird brand name :open_mouth:

To me it means great quality torches at a good to great budget prices.

There certainly a lot of weirder company names. Especially in the torch world.


From Sofirn’s website:

“SOFIRN is a trademark owned by Shenzhenshi Jinba Technology Co. Ltd

Located in shenzhen, China, Jinba Technology Co. Ltd is a factory growing from OEM, ODM to OBM.

Before the brand name was born, the boss Qidong Yang asked for many suggestions to pick a name easy to remember and meaningful. Finally he picked SOFIRN which comes from his dear wife’s name. Yang loves SOFIRN as deeply as he loves his wife and his two kids. Yang made up his mind trying best to make SOFIRN a worldwide well-known brand name.”

So what’s the three-letter acronym for “designed by flashlight geeks worldwide”?


What does Sofirn mean when they say:

“Dear customer, sp33v3.0 is expected to be delivered tomorrow.”

But the order hasn’t even shipped?

Of course I have no proof of the things that I’m going to write next but:

I don’t think Sofirn is the original name people had in mind.
If it is meant to accomodate western ears, I have a hard time.
I think somewhere along the road someone made an error.
And someone else already had invested big in spreading that name around.

My guess it was originally meant to be Sofim. Look how lower-case “rn” resembles “m”.

BTW that’s why in Netherland exist a lot of mutations of the less common (sur)names.
Once the inkt dries up when you report a newly born in city hall, it is carved in stone.
So you can say a lot of Dutch names originate from some booth in city hall.

I fairly certain it some sort of synonym for:

Shut Up and Take My Money!

All the Best,

thanks for the clarification, still a weird brand name tho! :disguised_face:


equally bad choice


Same can be said about at least half of the brand names coming out of China these days. They’re invented by people who may have only limited knowledge of English, thus not knowing if it’s going to be perceived as ‘weird’ or not by native English speakers.

Does Xiaomi sound any better? Does Allmaybe? Shockli? Haikelite? LiitoKala? Wurkkos? Glaree? Moobibear? There must be thousands of Chinese brands out there that sound weird in English.

Xiaomi sounds better because it sounds stereo-typically Chinese to “western” ears. All those other brand names you listed don’t “sound” Chinese whatsoever, hence they are the “weird” ones.

You may add Miboxer, and for me, the best of all all, Banggood!

Ah yes, I forgot the obvious one. :slight_smile:

Then there is UranusFire… I’m sure I’m missing some ‘good’ ones.

Alas, like with everything, people get used to hearing these names and after a while, they may not sound weird anymore. Although not Chinese, I’m sure Mazda, Toyota, Sanyo, Samsung sounded weird at first.

Interesting topic.

Is Huawei a weird name?

I wonder how Chevrolet, Cadillac, Lincoln, Budweiser, Kleenex, Harley Davidson, Xerox, sound to the Chinese?

So I heard about these two immigrants who were in line in New York Harbor, decades ago.
The first one came from Norway, the second one came from China.

And they got to the head of the line and the immigration officer asked the tall blond guy his name

“Ingemar Johannsen”

The immigration officer wrote it down and said ‘Next’.

The short black haired guy came forward and the immigration officer asked his name, and he said

“Sam Ting”

The immigration officer filled out the form and said “Welcome, Mr. Johannsen. It’s unusual for two men to come through one after the other with the same name.”

Heh! Reminded me of this prank from a few years ago:

yes to me that name is impossible to pronounce…

Not to german ears.

Barry, make a video about how to pronounce Sofirn :smiley: .