What does the BLF collective think of Blitzwolf products?

They have an attractive universal power adapter that seems like a less risky bet than some random fly-by-night Amazon or AX brand.

The better known brands tend to stick with one fast charge standard, or the other, and don’t mix the two.

HKJ’s tests of a couple different models indicate they’re solid, with minor reservations. IIRC, Dodge (RIP) found good results with their cables.

I’m not averse to the established Chinese brands (Orico, Baseus, Mi, etc.) whose primary focus is Asia or the rest of the world, and have generally had good experiences with Orico, despite no NRTL safety marks, but haven’t tried Blitzwolf as of yet.

Please share any personal experiences.

I stick with HKJ’s reviews:

Its a very good brand with quality items, second only to Xiaomi IMO.

I like their power adapters a lot. Have S6 and S11 both two times and they are powerfull and reliable. Also have several USB cables (type C and lightning) which works fine (fast and enough amps).
Haven‘t good experiances with their TWS in-ears where two different types failed after a short period. Also one car adapter (type C + USB A) failed without a lot of use.

Excellent brand. Never had issues with their adapters and cables. Their bluetooth receiver works flawlessly.

I had tested some of their cables and chargers and they are one of best which you can get from aliexpress.

I thought the cables were good till yesterday, I have the lightning cable with a red braid over it, looks very good quality however it just stopped working yesterday, it hasn’t been used more than a few dozen times and is unmarked.

BlitzWolf® BW-MF5 2.4A Blitz Geflochtenes Datenkabel Sale - Banggood Deutschland sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice?

This was the cable but it looks like its discontinued now. Shame as I liked Blitzwolf products before.

I've had no issues with any Blitzwolf products.
So far so good!

Thanks all for the input. I’ll give it a try.