What EDC knife would you get for $50 or less?

Thanks for any opinions!

I sure know what I like, but it is hard to know what you might like unless we know what size you want, or preferences between brightness and runtimes, keychain or belt, AAA, AA, or something bigger? Bullet proof or just of OK quality?

To me the single AAA-LD01 for the keychain, the single AA-LD12 for the belt, or the single 18650-PD32 UE for a larger belt light, all of those are bullet proof Fenix lights.

Oops, the PD32 is over $50.00, sorry.

Ah, totally forgot to put knife in the title! I am dangerously close to getting an EDC flashlight, though. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the error, and thanks for the advice!

What are the purposes of the knife?

Spyderco Byrd Meadowlark 2. It’s basically the 8Cr13MoV version of the Delica which is probably the perfect EDC knife.

Honourable mention to the Cold Steel Kudu which gives you a lot of steel for a minuscule price.


Having got two, yes I like them that much, have a look at the Enlan/Bee EL-04MCT, Micarta scales also available in G-10.


The Enlan/Bee EL-01 comes in many forms and is a heavy use folder as is the EL-04

Good review.

One of my favourite knives, I’ve got two of these as well. SanRenMu GB704 a lovely little knife.

Review: Sanrenmu 704 folding knife with liner lock another good review.

SanRenMu LB-763 Aluminium scales, can also be had with G-10 scales in black or brown.

Another Axis lock.

I’ve got all the above knives, you could get two or three of them for $50.
They are all Chinese 8Cr13MoV bladesteel takes a wicked sharp edge, is easy to sharpen but doesn’t hold the edge very long, that’s compared to other more expensive steels. I find it to be a great steel and the Chinese factories heat treat it very well.

If you’re somewhere like I am that has Draconian knife laws and only allows slip jointed knives then the Boker Plus range, the XS and a few others are legal carry for me.
The Spyderco “Bug” range is often dismissed as a gimic but I carry a Grasshopper as my EDC when not doing any heavy cutting and it serves very well.
Happy hunting for your $50 knife there’s a lot to choose from.


I’d really love one but I’m not allowed to have them here.

I own and highly recommend these:

Spyderco Tenacious
Spyderco Dragonfly
Sanrenmu 763
Kershaw Chill

There’s lots more that other people are into like the Ontario Rat, Kershaw Skyline & Cryo, KaBar Dozier, Buck Vantage, etc. You probably couldn’t go wrong with any of these, but it really depends on what your needs are. You just said EDC so I would consider all these EDC knives.

There’s also some phenomenal knives just outside of your range, like the Spyderco Delica.

For under $50, you can get Spyderco Pingo or Dragonfly.
They’re pretty small and very handy.

Kershaw also has numbers of knives under $50 with decent quality.

Spyderco Tenacious or Persistence are both great options.
Sog Mini Aegis is also pretty sweet.

When multiple people said Spyderco above, they were on the right track. If you don't have anything with VG-10 steel, and you don't have a Spyderco- do yourself a favor. And if you add just a little more ($10) you can get any of these knives.

These all range in the $47-$60 The blade size is what is different. I personally EDC the Endura 4. The blade is a little bigger that 3 inches so that may be too big for some- but it still fit's in any pocket nicely. It's way less unobtrusive than any light to EDC. Different colors net you different prices. Also, I don't know of any places off hand that get you a better price than Amazon. Maybe someone could point you in a better direction. I researched knives for months.

Dragonfly. 2.25 inch blade.

Delica 4. 2.8 inch blade.


And my EDC, the Endura 4. Notice the 5 star rating.


I prefer the larger blade because I will use it to prepare food or cut an apple... i addition to all the other daily EDC tasks I have. Cut boxes, cut string, cut tape. Whatever you need. Camp knife, work knife. Super, super light, and a nice large handle for grip.

ONTARIO RAT 1 i love this knife


Alternatively: RAT-II. The 20% smaller little brother of the RAT-1


may be able to find a better price if you shop around too. i think i bought mine for $75 or so a few years ago and i do not regret it

What would I get? :wink: Well, here laws about knife carry restrict to non-locking and cutting length under three inches. There are several Victorinox models, not many with feminine scales though. I like the Classic as it’s very small. I also like the Secretary model (slim aluminium scales and no keyring attachment).

Or a Spyderco. I bought a Ladybug ZDP-189 recently because I love this steel! It has a backlock which can be modified to slipjoint. Something about the Dragonfly handle does not please me, but unfortunately there are not as many smaller blade ZDP-189 options to choose from.

Let the fun begin! There are many options in this category, start reading and researching.

I currently carry a Spyderco Manix II which is above your price range but has the only pants clip i have been unable to fuck up.
My other go-to knife is the CRKT Shenanigan:


I own a lot of the SanRemu line and find them a bit blocky for unobtrusive, comfortable carry, but they are fun, pretty well made and inexpensive.

My petite 20 year old daughter carried a Ganzo 704 for a while:


But has currently latched on to a Kershaw cryo:


Which i find too small for my ham-like hands, (and am waiting for the larger Cryo II), but she loves the knife and always has it.
The Cryo has a great clip that carries the knife deep in your pocket for real unobtrusive carry.

There are many options, make sure you are aware of the law restrictions in your region. The maximum blade length for concealed carry just went down to 2 1/2” inches in the city i work in without much warning or publicity. My everyday carry is currently illegal, its ridiculous but explain that to a cop who asks you to empty your pockets.

I really like the Cryo too! Unfortunately it has to stay at home because it is assisted and locking.

Syderco Dragonfly 2 - no contest. Upgrade to ZDP-189 Steel if you can swing a few more dollars. Amazon.com Amazon has the best price I have seen outside of any special coupons or discounts.


CRKT Swindle, slim, smooth and non-assisted.