What ever happened to AkoRay ?


I took about 18 months off from lighting forums in general, and before that AkoRay was raging popular for small EDC lights. I come back into things here on BLF and I see no mention of them... anywhere?

I really like mine, and am wondering if they make a small-ish 18650 "tube" style for EDC?


Looks like DX still sells 5 models but most are AA and none are 18650


I think the Trustfire T2 is probably the best value in tube style 18650 lights unless you are looking for a UF2100 or HD2011 style light.

There is an Ultrafire X1 that looks like an AKOray (be careful because there is also a AAA version called an X1). There was also an AK-12 that was an 18650 version. The X1 that I bought seems to have a buggy switch. I replaced the driver and LED in it. I don't think the 3-mode programmables are availabe in any form factor anymore though.




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I just got an AKOray AK-12 from Easylightbuy for 13.23 . http://www.easylightbuy.com/akoray-ak12-cree-q3-led-aluminum-flashlight_p202.html I love it. It is much slimmer than an SK68. 11.2 cm. long and 2.1 cm. diameter. Very nice build quality. They used square tail cap threads to keep the wall thickness down to about a mm. with adequate strength.

It is one mode and XR-E. The small led gives reasonable throw. It is not too bright at 0.4 amp. tail current for its cooling, so the extra battery size is realized as run time. The knurling is unusual, very neat and effective, looks like it is designed to minimize the loss in strength. Perhaps thin anodizing but nice shiny smooth finish.

Apparently others agree with my opinion of the AK-12, as I can no longer find one for sale. I ordered from two sites and had both orders canceled by the vendors.