- what exotic fish I caught in the ocean of music -

Hope the title says enough…

These are two versions of one of the favorite song of Focus - Hocus Pocus. The first one is live:

Before Focus, Jan Akkerman was in the Group “Brainbox” and did a cover of Gershwins “Summertime”
I got a partial recording of that song on my reel to reel tape recorder in 1970. It haunted me until Napster came out around the year 2000 and I searched and download as many versions of Summertime I could in order to find it. I found it at about version #150. By then I had a new hobby. Today I have about 1900 versions of that song, all started by Jan Akkerman and Brainbox.

I also remember the first time I heard Focus do “Hocus Pocus”
It was amazing, and I wondered what they would call their second song. :slight_smile:

Might want to put that one back! (Alot to be said for catch and release)

“Hocus Pocus” is an iconic song. Even though it was recorded almost 50 years ago, most any 20 something around here would know that song. It is still being played.

It is outrageously different, you’ll have to admit that at least.

Need a .srt file for this. :smiley:

They are not so many institutions that have disappointed me. Youtube are very close to the border, after which I will forget that they exist. There are many, many dead links to them… However I appreciate the free services, they still provide.

Alexis Korner & Steve Marriott - One Scotch, one Bourbon, one beer

Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator.
Hope they raises only positive memories!
Great band in the great music era…

Van Der Graaf Generator - Childlike Faith In Childhood’s End

Here it is just a crumbs of cake of the infinites 70s

I like this format - only a small part of each track, just to reminder.

Tried to find out who is the best performer of “It’s My Own Fault”:

Johnny Winter?
In concert

B.B. King?

or Otis Rush …

There are a lot of performers and records of this song but Johnny is closest to me…

I can’t play snooker, but very like to watch it!

Now is the current Masters final with Ronnie O’Sullivan v Joe Perry. They are still playing now…

Nothing against snooker, but until I hear Perry just one name is in a my mind - Steve Perry with Journey.
One of the biggest still listen with pleasure!

Journey - Faithfully
Journey - Any Way You Want It
Journey - Open Arms (Live)

Journey - Separate Ways

btw, Ronnie O’Sullivan won. Congratulations!

Back to ’70s again.
Ex Dr.Feelgood and The Who’s: Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey

I was still at school then…

But momma… that’s where the fun is!

Hold on to yer hats....

The title is right in the goal Lightbringer, but content is not visible, at least for a EU countries I tested.

Here it is the first working link I meet:

Aw, bugger them and their “regions”…

Not 70s, but probably one of my favorite songs live

Does anyone remember the band Flash? I loved this band. Peter Banks was the guitarist who played with Yes in the early days.

Yes, I remember Flash when I was a teenager. More like a name of that time, but and with first progs I heard then…
Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

A little wink to the early 70s again. Not as a musical top but part of the theater culture of that time.

A bit later, I was grateful to hear and have the first Wild Cherry album, and I became addicted to funk music as well.

Maybe Earth, Wind & Fire with Boogie Wonderland, September, Lets Groove etc. remains the culmination of the genre for me. Ocean of sounds, choreography and colors in one rhythm.


Bad day. Very bad day.