What flashlight do you keep beside your bed?

A 4D maglite in case of intruders. I’m not too sure what type of bulb it is but the beam profile is attrocious and it’s right at the jarring far end of warm white. I’ve never changed the batteries in 4 years and I actually do use it every now and again for bumps in the night.

I was going to comment that a heavy flashlight is a poor choice for a home defense weapon; required proximity to the attacker and likelihood they are better armed being odds against you. I was then going to suggest some sort of defensive firearm.

Then I saw that you live in London.

So. Nevermind I guess. I hope you never have to use the maglite as a club.

Some years ago, I posted this Flashy Rant on CPF.
Apparently folks hold their flashy modes sacred. My thread got locked.

“I have to laugh at all of the Mall Ninjas defending themselves with their “Tactical” flashy modes.
In life or death confrontations, seconds make all the difference in the world. Fumbling through Low, Medium, High and SOS will get you dead long before you arrive at your ultimate defensive weapon, the dreaded flashy beam.
Since you wasted 3.5 seconds frantically clicking through 20 modes on your $3 DX special; you are now bleeding to death in a dark back alley. You failed to cap the Ogre when you had the chance and all your cash will be converted to crack. But all is not lost. As the last of your precious bodily fluids escapes and consciousness fades, there is a warm realization that your trusted EDC has fallen to the pavement in S-O-S mode. Help is on the way…
Oh wait, is that saying S-O-S or SOP-SOP-SOP…DOH!!!”

several actually. A warm white Olight S15R with moon for night time bathroom trips, and a TK75vn in case of intruders or emergencies.

BLF D80 with a custom Saiga holster. Or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

We live fairly far out in the country, so any unusual night sounds that warrant being investigated are investigated while armed. Usually just coyotes or raccoons, but better safe than sorry.

That’ll do, JS, that’ll do…

Love the Saiga variants. So much versatility there in that platform.

Yes, indeed, highly unlikey the rascals, should they choose to enter my property (size of a shoebox in London) will be armed with a gun. I have a huge tactical knife I bought for camping which I could also use but I just feel a knife is too final. At least with a maglite I can club them some, then maybe club them more.

A strobe on a flashlight I think is good if your eyes aren’t adjusted to the dark as they would be in the bed. You’ll just disorientate both you and the attacker, which is useless tbh.

Better would be a camera flash. Close your eyes, pop the shutter, and unless the perp was blinking at that exact moment they will be temporarily blind but you won’t. Then you use that 6D Maglight for what it does best :smiling_imp:

Remember the old “Magicube” 4-sided self-contained flashbulbs? As a kid I was poking around on the bottom of one to see what made it work. I found out, and of course it was the side facing me. I saw nothing but white for at least a full minute and my eyes ached for a few more. End of experiment, once was enough!


-immense runtime on moon mode
-enough light on the high mode
-Tailstands solid!!

Usually my current EDC (whatever that is). However, since my current EDC lacks a true moonlight mode, I keep a second light nearby that has one:

1. Sunwayman C10R (modded) - Triple XPL HI, FET driver with moppydrv firmware, IMR 18500 battery. Approx output 2500 lumens. Compact pocket rocket and my EDC. With a FET driver, the “moonlight mode” is really just a low.

2. Zebralight SC600w III HI (unmodded) - Probably the best unmodded light I’ve ever owned. Extremely well designed and engineered both inside and out. Emitter is an XHP35 HI neutral. Approx output 1100 lumens. Has a true moonlight mode (I define “moonlight mode” as a mode low enough you can look into the emitter while on without hurting your eyes).

This baby:
Ultrafire X-110.

occasionally sleep in my bad, lol.

Killforfood, I can surely see how and why you upset them so. You were addressing the powers that be of XXX -XXXXXX liberals who wished to suppress your freedom of speech. Sound familiar? I left there a long time ago before I got banned. :confounded:

After reading this thread and just using light on a regular basis I thought something better could be a BLF 26650 pocket special. Two switches, a physical tail clicky and an electronic side switch. Side switch does mode selection only. Once in the mode you want use the tail switch only, rapid taps, short presses, or clicked all the way on it stays in the set mode. Example I turn it on set it in turbo with the side switch for the backyard then off. After that rear clicky all night long it’s turbo. Same for moon mode or low when walking around the house. I like small solidly built lights for bumps in the dark.

Nitecore EC11, running a 18350. Red locator beacon on. Beacon aimed at the wall. Makes for easy finding in the dark.

L2t Stainless… My worklight, edc, and bedside light… Xpg2 Dd dropin…

Hi Streamer,
I more or less just quit posting on CPF. The moderators are way too heavy handed over there. Try posting a link to a good deal or really cool flashlight on CPF and your post will be deleted. On BLF, I don’t even know who the moderators are. Most of the folks at CPF are really decent people. I just like the atmosphere here better.

As for a flashlight as a defensive weapon? I don’t agree with that statement. It can be part of a defensive strategy but is woefully inadequate as the sole means of neutralizing an intruding Perp with bad intentions. mounted on a firearm, it can gain you a few precious tenths of a second disorientation to allow first shot advantage but is a poor choice as a fight stopper. I’m very thankful for the second amendment. If you’re a Londoner, maybe you can find an old 7 C cell Hippy Adjuster. :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep a few near my bed. First to grab is an Olight S1 Ti. Just an absolutely terrific moonlight mode. Also, the BLF (Astrolux) A01 in copper, which has a terrific moonlight mode as well. Old NovaTac 120P with tritium in the slots is easy to locate, and of course can be programmed for a super low moonlight mode.

I also have a Zebralight SC52w, but I’m not reaching for it as much now that I’ve got the S1 (such a terrific light with beautiful tint).

Zebralight SC52

My flashlights kept rolling off my end-table, so I don’t use one anymore. How do you keep your light by your bedside?

Put a clip on it… :laughing: