What flashlight do you keep beside your bed?

The Fenix LD50 does not roll:

I sure wanted a Fenix LD50, but when Klarus came out with the RS30 at a lot better price, I couldn’t resist. I like the RS30, a Nitecore EC4S stays on the nightstand.

I currently keep my Cometa on my night stand. BLF A6 is there, too.

SC52 - best/lowest moonlight mode I’ve ever seen

Apparently i upgraded to my Thorefire s70 its in the bed with me for some reason lol. Some one must have been playing with it! yes i mean the light for all dirty minded folks out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Astrolux A01 plus BLF A8.

Good call. The A8 is a oldie but a goodie. Have you considered the A6 yet? great light for bedside. nice low, the reverse click for Turbo.

On my nightstand I have something red, something white and something blue! (tints that is)

The red, the astrolux a01 with warm/pinkish/red nichia tint. The white, a hugsby xp-11 and the blue, the nitecore tube. :slight_smile:

I have the Nitecore EC4S (doesn’t roll) with nice low and 2K turbo and strobe instantly available, butt if just looing it, I grab the pocketworn Arc AAA which long ago retired from keychain duty. Puts me in a ‘blue’ moon mood (iffn you know what I mean) and it’s waterproof to 100 feet (not sure iffn that’s in a septic tank). Flashbang is provided by my SIG Sauer P230 (it sits much flatter under our new never flip or turn mattress, what’s with that?) than my Glock 19.

My lady never has to unload at night (no prostrate?) so no sub-low mode necessary. She has settled on a 4Sevens penlight, the mocha brown one which actually looks like a penlight. Flashbang is her late dad’s tuned S&W Model 60 Chief’s Special. He had Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and had it reworked so he could pull the trigger. I NEVER walk in front of that gun. Actually her goto mashup is her Louisville Slugger. It has stains on it that I never asked about.

My bedside flashlight is a Olight S15. I use it as bedside lamp. Yes, I do have a regular lamp but the S15 is so convent. I use it everyday or rather every night. Very durable and useful. I use this flashlight more than any other.

I keep a JETBeam RRT-01. I like the twist interface to turn on the light in the lowest mode then keep twisting to get to the desired brightness. It’s mostly used to get me to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

the xtar h2 like it says in the blf review (check it out) i swapped out the emitter for a nichia 219c and then added the dc-fix difusion film.

bingo, reading light.

Manker U11. I like the blue low intensity switch LED for fast location of the torch. The modes are quite well spaced and the moonlight is good.

Kronos version of the BLF X6 SE
Nice moonlight and the large bezel means good headstanding stability.
More lumens that you’ll ever need indoors and blinkies are well hidden.
Beam pattern isn’t the best for a nightstand bed but it works well enough.
When I first saw the lit blue tail cap I thought it was gimmicky. Liked everything else about the light so I bought it.
Time and use has shown me the wisdom of the BLF collective and excellent implementation of this locator feature.

supbeam k40 vn

My Zebralight SC52 L2 Cool White.

Necropost :slight_smile: curious what you guys use these days.

I am really enjoying my recently acquired fwaa with dedomed sm303 519a as a nightstand light.

That’s really neat! The red filter is a great idea for a nightstand light, I hadn’t thought of that.

GITD is great to always know where it is, but not be too bright like a lighted switch or aux light is for me at least, I find even very dim lights on my nightstand distracting. Plus it’s a mechanical switch so it doesn’t use any power and there’s no paracitic drain to worry about, and I like how glow stuff gets dimmer as the night goes on, but still stays visible enough to see.

I usually have an acebeam EC35 II with SST-20 4000k that lays on it’s side on a very small piece of glow tape on the nightstand. Just enough glow for me to see it, but not enough to be distracting. The moonlight is a little bright but works fine, and I’m in a relatively small apartment so the 600 lumen turbo is already pushing it for night-adjusted eyes, but enough to use if needed. I may try and get a red filter for it now!

I also often keep my sofirn IF25A standing up, pointing into the shade of the actual lamp on my nightstand to have very dim light for reading in bed if my SO is sleeping, or just want something dimmer than the lamp. Love doing this with candle mode for reading.

Edit: didn’t realize this was a necropost and just read the first page lol. Thanks for resurrecting it!

Several, but the one that always stays there (next to the gun) is the Acebeam W30!