What happened to the FW21 Pro?

This used to be the hottest light now it seems to have disappeared.

This is what comes up on BG:

Due to policy reasons, this product does not exist

I bought one on BG about 6 months ago. Now only available in Copper.

I bought one from lumintoplighting.com a couple months ago. They still seem to be in stock there.

If that light was a car it would be a twin turbo corvette.

Maybe there’s a better one coming out?! I’d love to see one with a boost driver and Three XHP70.2s. Mine is not performing as good as it first was. Maybe partially due to cell degradation but the output also changes just by removing and re inserting the cell. Yesterday I loosened the tailcap a bit and the output improved. Very confusing light. This won’t be a problem with a cc driver so I hope they make one with that.

Still up I think is this it ? Here

Sounds more like a contact issue.

Output on mine is consistent. But turbo is completely pointless IMO.

My light box records 9600 lumens, but by 30 sec it is down to 965 lumens….

High mode is stable at about 1300 lumens and it seems to hold this pretty indefinitely that I can tell. But even with 1300 lumens it still only manages about 2000cd, which is less than an AAA Mini Mag!

XHP70’s would be worse on all accounts I fear. Maybe ever so slightly higher PEAK lumens. But throw would be way less to the point I suspect it would be useless and barley anything more than a mule light.

I have my listed for sale if anyone is interested