What have you used paracord for?

Makes my SkyRay a lot easier to grip

Here one example is.

(Not my work)

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Whilst a cool trick I can’t help but think a bit of time making custom length cables would have been better spent on that case mod. Mind you, anything over than UV wrap is always welcome.

Say again?

And lose 5 year warranty? No way.

Also making custom length SATA cables might be pretty hard.

Do you, JackTheClipper, tie paracord?

Do tell, do tell.

Spend a couple of days on the tech mod forums and you’ll understand. The big push is on airflow and optimisation of cable routing.

Not that hard and why would you loose warranty? Unless you paid through the nose for somebody else to build it for you in which case you’re unlikely to go to the trouble of doing parra wrap for the cables.

As far as I know cutting PSU cables terminates warranty (How else you can make custom length cables? It's not modular PSU.).

So does OC’ing, only it’s a little less obvious when you walk into the shop. My point was that whilst it looks pretty it offered nothing and if anything was to the detriment of the system performance wise. Personally I’d have spent the time used to make the braiding in screwing every last drop of performance out of it, but then that’s the joy of mods, it’s what you are into and how you want it to look.

True. Once the existing airflow brings the system to the lowest temp it will hold, changes like the braiding can be made and may have no effect.

I’ve always been too cheap (and mostly impatient) to do more inside the case than use zip ties and route them out of the airflow. If I were doing the braiding, I’d fold the wires to shorten and tie them before braiding so that they run snug along corners inside the case where the airflow is relatively dead anyway. Except for any that need length for opening the case, as with some of my side fans.

That said, I finally got a modular with my newest system and now I’ve got a bunch of extra braided wires in a fancy zipper case that I won’t use unless I go crazy for more fps. Flashlights are a LOT cheaper. LOL

I’m making a Paracord army……

hush hush now, don’t tell anyone as I’m not ready to take over the world yet…………

So far only lanyards on knives (if I am lucky enough that some knife has the lanyard hole, some do not…)

But I still like to buy paracord LOL just to have it for unforeseen emergency uses everyone says you should have it for.

Still love that rattlesnake Jack. Sent that picture of it constricting the voodoo doll guy to some of my buddies & they got a kick out of it. :slight_smile:

I’ve used 550cord to: wrap pry bar handles, knife & flashlight lanyards/fobs, neck-lights/neck-knives, put a fob on the electric keycards for my community’s [PITA] entrance gate… use it here and there to lash, but it will never replace zipties and duct tape.

P.S. - nice blades there bald1

Wow, may I ask what those knives are? Very nice looking. Id be interested in getting some more info on the top and the bottom knives…they look expensive so I dont think they are budget knives!