What I want for Christmas

I want a nice, high-quality knorch, to use as my EDC.

Or maybe I should call it a flashknife.

A hybrid that is something the size and power of an S-mini as the handle, and a 3 1/2 or 4" folding blade that I can carry in my pocket. Prefer to have serrations on the blade, so I can use it as a saw if I need to.

Come on, if they can put a man on the moon, why can't they build a torch with a fold-out blade? And I mean a REAL knife and a REAL flashlight, not something with a squeeze button that should be on a keychain.

I don't want to EDC two separate items, just one. I don't think that is too much to ask.

Maybe they can call it a Bench-Mini, or a Ger-Nix, or a Bucklight, I dunno.

Please Santa?

An overnight delivery service from China to the mainland USA.

HAHAha, way better chance of my flashknife being built and costing less than $10 delivered than your wish…

All you want troop is a beefed up version of this. I must admit I kinda like the concept too.

But at the price it would have to be a Sanrenmultrafire

I dont own a firearm yet so im looking at a FNP40 on sale at my local gun shop.

ordered a Sky-ray stl-v2 for myself with the gf's card for one of her presents to me :)

If it's going to be your first one why not look at a Glock model 22 (40 cal) police buy back. You can get them for dirt cheap. There are so many different aftermarket parts for it you can build it into anything you want. Than after you get proficient with it you can decide what you really want, like and need before you spend the big bucks on a new FN and decide you may not like it. Or just buy the FN, it's a great piece and hope you are comfortable with it.

thx for the advice! ill look into that. i guess its good that my brother in law reloads 40s.

I wanna have a holiday

Not until all the Christmas orders have shipped.

Maybe this should be my next build!

SA .45acp XDm. Focus ST (not available 'til the end of 2012 now...major bummed about that).

A decent clone-of-a-clone, of-a-clone, of-a-clone, high-powered flashlight.

My health (if you have good health, cherish it)!

Economic recovery.

Continued success of BLF, it's users, and a Very Merry Happy Holiday to the outstanding owner, super-admin., and all-around nice guy, sb56637.

That's awesome! The China website reps are getting in on the off-topic chatter :D

But sorry, no holiday for you. 7 days per week and little sleep because we want another tint to a flashlight we already own :P Just kiddin!

I want a custom-programmed/rewired, fully potted, dead reliable SST-50 drop-in that pulls 5 amps.


You better check the mail tomorrow I am pretty sure Santa already sent that order out early.


I'd like Preon 2

As much as I dislike Dildo Direct I got a 504B XML that will get a driver swap. An 18650 powered headlamp that will have the 18650 battery holder removed replaced with a triple aaa holder and gifted. The 18650 battery holder will be put on my P-60 drop in headlamp and another UF-H3 because they kick ass, all this for $37 bucks, are you kidding me what a deal.

YEAH baby . . . . IMR + (L2X) + package from New Hampshire = the neighbors will think it's morning and go get a McMuffin. McDs be closed. Come back home with police to take Foy away.