What is a good Thrower with STB90 right now?

Good afternoon.

I have few months inactive on this hobby and I want to get a Thrower with STB90 emitter since I guess is the more popular one.

I want something with 1300 plus meters, 4500+ lumens, but not large. Something no bigger than a soda can light. No more than $200

What options do I have?

I am considering the Acebeam K65GT but so too expensive.

BLF GT with SBT90
Acebeam K75

Astrolux FT03S, subject to concerns on initial production batch; see FREEME ✌ ASTROLUX FT03S SBT90.2 4500lm 1428m 26650/ 21700/ 18650 Flashlight - EXPIRED

Where the design, specs and price of the Astrolux are very appealing, the host has too little thermall mass, it us just too light and cheapish…

FT03S host can handle 2 minutes on turbo but the driver won’t let it. If it had multiple cells and no step down issue it would be able to do 1.3+Km for 2 mins. Right now it can only do about 1.25km for 20 seconds before it steps down. You can manually step it up but it’ll go down again in 20 seconds.

So what you actually are saying is

Did i already mention cheapish ?

K30GTvn? K30GTvn: 4850L, 330Kcd, 1128m.

I just got the Acebeam K65GT a couple of days ago. For a size comparison I only have an TN31 to compare it too.

It’s my third Acebeam. I have a L16 and L30 GenII. I haven’t been able to play with it yet because I ordered flat top batteries thinking that they will fit, but they are too short. I’m waiting for some button tops to arrive by Wednesday. Nitecore batteries fit but the light will only go into ECO mode with them.
It’s hard see in the picture but the flat top is about 1-2mm too short. I have two button top 30Q’s that fit fine. Also, the button top Sony VCT6 fits fine.

So far I like the look and finish of the light and it comes with a holster and a aluminum detachable handle. I hope to go outside and play soon!
This is from a few inches away from a gray wall on low. To me it does not look green with my eyes. I was trying to capture the purple dot in the center of the hot spot but the camera isn’t picking it up. The purple spot is less noticeable as you move back.

FYI I ordered mine through killzoneflashlights. First time buyers get a 10% off code.

So, how much was it?

It’s listed at $239.90 on killzoneflashlight website. I paid $215 after the 10% Discount. When I was shopping around I emailed then to ask if they had any coupons or discounts and they responded by telling me about there 10% off for first time buyers. After you enter your email address to register you should see a pop up. I also received an email a few minutes later.

Thanks, and, how long did it take to get to you.