What is it with DX and ugly lights today?

A 3AA side by side light is rather fat for its length. And it isn't pretty. But at least this one doesn't cost so much.


This one actually doesn't look too bad compared to the other one but the 3*AAA just won't do it for me. Undecided

Worse than that! It is actually 3xAA so is a lot fatter than it ought to be.

I didn't notice that as I just assumed it was a 3*AAA. This might be the first 3*AA light I've ever seen. That's definitely going to be a FAT little stubby torch. Surprised

5" long 2" diameter. Way fat.

But I see it has a tripod socket set into it which might just make it useful to someone.

I didn't even notice the tripod socket which would make it a little more appealing to me. I actually wouldn't mind a 3*AA compared to a 3*AAA probably because I have so many more AA batteries and can't seem to stop buying them. Frown

Don't we all? I can see something like 80 AA rechargeables without moving my head much. I could probably find over 100 AAs in this room given that there's a box of 40 alkie AAs behind me.

I don't usually buy alkalines anymore since I have a bunch of rechargeables of mostly eneloops and duraloops. I did order 2-8 pack eneloop tones from a guy on cpf since I can't find any in the US. I also plan on buying those new 'Costco eneloop tones with charger combo' as soon as they show up here which according to them will be next week. I think I need to see a shrink about this addiction of mine. Wink

The Tones are pretty neat looking. I'll wait until they come here though. And go on sale. Which means I probably won't get any . . .

My sister and her kids were just here and when they left for Alaska last sunday, I gave them several led lights and most of my aa and aaa batteries. Now I have a reason to buy more batteries and have decided exclusively on eneloops. I should get the tones this week and hopefully the new costco eneloops will be in by next week. As soon as costco gets them in, I plan on driving 2.5 hrs. each way just to buy some. That's 5 hrs. round trip. Crazy right? Undecided I know, I know but this addiction and/or obsession just takes over and there's not much I can do.:(