What Is The Best 18650 Flashlight Of 2016 ?

In the last year’s offerings of 18650 lights, the one which made the largest improvement in it’s class was the Manker BLF A6 which even ‘competing’ forum members came over here to order through the GB. The Astrolux S1 is the same light but with the shorter battery tube included and at a slightly better price.

From moonlight to mad-bright in one light, designed by Flashaholics combining their talents and built by a manufacturer who cares to make good products. IMHO the clear winner.


Another good contender Astrolux S1 3D 18650

Review: Review: Astrolux S1 3D Flashlight

We are almost midyear , propose your best flashlight winners for this half-year! :smiley:

Manker Quinlan U11.

Hmm I SO hope it will be the Q8

Eagle Eye X5R is a good tube style light with built in recharging… My review is in my signature link, along with my U11 review….

For this half year? :smiley:

Still liking my X6 as a good general purpose light and its many features. Also impressed by the trusty Convoy C8, really hard to beat that quality/price ratio :+1:

7 months before 2016 is over.

There are still some days left in 2016. So the idea here is a fun excersize where folks chime in stating what they feel was the best light of the year.

Acebeam K70. Because:

I bought it on a whim, just to expand my collection beyond my main area of interest, and I was was surprised at how quickly and deeply I became charmed by its capabilities.

And, because TN42 and Acebeam X65 may possibly be too new for year 2016 Best Of category.

For me personally, I would definitely say Eagle Eye X6 DirectHere It’s got great output and throw, easy to use, timerless mode memory. $20. shipped.

The Klarus xT11GT and XT12GT appear to be quite amazing. I have them on order.

the Brightest 18650:of course the TM03s
the best(in my opinion), well, i think it’s nitecore EC4GT(not sure when it is introduced)
2*18650 in the small tube, double run time, i like it
the body is very comfortable to hold
the heat is not too high
the throw is very well(XPL-HI master Race)
the UI is quite simple( 2 E-switch)
AND IT IS TOUGH, drop many times, still working
but i hope it has mircro-USB charging( i dont need to bring some pairs of 18650 anymore), the idle current is lower, and easilier to mod

An absolute steal from Gearbest using a promo code the Lumintop TD16 can be had for $36. Considering it sells for over $90 from Amazon, and $67-75 everywhere else, that’s a hell of a deal. I have three and have sold 3. They are extremely well made and put out a true 1000 lumens.

Today, I was looking for best 18650 Flashlight Of 2017. I have found top 5 18650 list this website. https://theeffectiveguide.com/best-18650-flashlight-reviews/
What do you think about ThruNite TN12 EDC flashlight?

For me the best of 2016 was Manker E14 and MK34.

Welcome to BLF!

Thrunite has almost the same light with build in charging, the switch is flatter
Both are very nice lights though :wink:

Take a look at the Skilhunt H03. It can be had for around $30, works as a headlamp if you want, and is relatively small compared to most 18650 lights.

As a budget light I would nominate this 3 different lights:
Convoy C8 XPL HI
Eagle Eye X2R
Skilhunt H03
All of them work with same battery and are very compact and lightweight.

I think my vote is the DQG Tiny 18650 4th version.

All around a great EDC. Very lightweight, good runtimes, smaller than many 1x14550 lights.