What Is The Best 18650 Flashlight Of 2016 ?

I like the skilhunt H03 flashlight/headlamp for about 30$. Have given away a couple of them all working well. As a gift with lilikola 100 and some protected batteries they are great.

MK34 is still on my hmmm…. I think I should get it list… :slight_smile:

The MK34 is now avaiable with 219C as an option.
Mine is older and from the time when they came with 219B.

Yeah I know. Sweet 4000K… Sweet engineering mode for REAL sub lumen firefly mode… Definitely a two thumbs up for Manker’s Nichia offerings!

I think you should, too. I got mine (in different emitters) sitting right here on the desk as I type this. I have been edcing it for a few weeks. It occupies such a sweet, sweet spot in the size/power continuum. There are more powerful lights, but they are much larger. There are smaller lights, but they are a lot less powerful.

Agreed! If you want a real competitor for the terribly expensive and unobtainable Zebralight S6330, the Manker MK34 is the answer, and if you want the best of either of them, have Vinh work his magic on it. The Manker is much more of a flooder than the S6330, but is even smaller and quite a bit brighter. It’s an amazing little light.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’m an avid Meteor M43 fan so I can sure understand what the MK34 is about. There’s really no competition for these two lights; they’re playing their own game.