What is the best brightness modes for a zoomable hunting flashlight (single tail switch)

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Under the circumstances when you are hunting outdoors , what the best brightness modes option would you prefer?

This vote is for the haikelite HT35. It only has tailcap switch.

Hey mate Is it a forward or reverse clicky?

Forward clicky (momentary) with memory would be useful for tactical purposes. This would require half and full press ability. Best mode options probably depend on maximum brightness.

Light looks great in the photos! Good to see another zoom option in the market - hope there will be a neutral white version.

Hi Haikelite-Team,

I`m a hunter and I use for example the Jaxman Z1-Zoomie…

Is there a option for a Neutral White version of HT35 ? NW is much more better (for hunting) as CW !!

I´m waiting for the HT35 since I`v seen the first picture, for comparing the long waiting time I`ve ordered the MT01 NW, MT02 and SC02… :smiley:


XHP35 HI has neutral white option

Hi Carsten

Thanks for your posting. Do you think it’s ok for hunting if we add a glow-material on the head ? It means when the light turned off, you can see green-glow light in darkness.

Hi Haikelite-team,
I think the glow-material on the head is no problem for hunters.
I´m happy because there is a NW-option for the HT35 !
For hunting it would be nice, if the HT35 get a moonlight-mode with only 1 or 2 Lumen.
The modes should be 1, 10, 40, 100.


” Simple 3 modes — Low 25% , Medium 50% , High 100%
2 groups 8 modes — Low Medium High & low medium high strobe SOS
5 modes— Low , Medium,High , Strobe , SOS
Others ”

OMG… None of mentioned :person_facepalming:

High mode must always be the first mode to start with. Hunters reactions must be fast and he got to have max brightness at the target.

I have high, med, low drivers without memory effect so it always start on high.

I am hunter and I would never buy lights with mentioned modes on your pole. They are terrible and I would be very surprised that actually some hunter would prefer such mods.

Also nothing should glow on flashlight. Game reacts even on invisible IR light in 940nm and 850nm spectrum so they have very good sight and can spot gitd stuff. You should also work on a switch. The most quiet switch as possible.

I voted “Other”.

The …… Low 25% , Medium 50% , High 100% ……. is Ok with me. BUT…. like casi29061965 said, a 1 or 2 lumen moonlight on the low end should be in there also.

As far as Strobe or SOS goes, it is fine with me if they do have them……… AS long as they are COMPLETELY hidden and not part of the normal Mode rotation.

Just give me one mode. Full power on off . Very simple

Tactical == 1 mode (full-on), and a momentary-on switch (ie, forward-clicky). Period.

If you want different brightness modes, make them hard to change accidentally (eg, 5 rapid-clicks to toggle low/high or cycle through low/medium/high).

Else make it a 2-switch light, tail- and side-switch. This way one controls the modes, and the other the on/off function. (And I’m generally not a fan of 2-switch lights, as it often can be frustrating to find the side-switch just by feel, but in this case it can be warranted.)


Especialy on a zoomie

The best would be side and tail switch actualy with several modes , but it would bump the price- i coudl live with that, plus it would be the only zoomie with 2 switches, i guess a hot seller too

No more than 45mm lens, and 250g of weight max

Something for the hunters here, a rack filled with buggers( was a 4 hour hunting trip )

Cheers to the BLF hunting party :slight_smile:

Ha :slight_smile: Mitko was the guy collecting them on the fields for his buddies after they shoot them :smiley:

Just kidding. Anyway nice fox-jackal collection. This is hunters poll after all.

P.S. High mode as first mode(and some hunters claim only mode) guys… I really don’t understand who would want to cycle through bunch of low and blinky modes to get on high one? So it is like one click and 4-5 half clicks :slight_smile: Game will escape and hunting is ruined :person_facepalming:

With Iluminator we could use mentioned pole modes and that depends weather you have super sensitive NV device or not. Lower modes will mean less red dot signature on 840nm emitters.

You are right if it is allowed to illuminate the animals for shooting. In Germany and some other countries in Europe it is forbidden !!
I use a Zoomie to find some blood etc. The beam without a Spot is perfect for surching a drop of blood on a green field…

If the UI get two different settings like some tactical Klarus or Astrolux/BLF Flashlights ( for example: 1. High, Mid, Low and 2. Moon, Low, Mid, High) we could use the HT35 for different situations… :wink:


Yes it is forbidden in most Europe countries. You can use flashlight just for “observation” purposes. You should not have them mounted on rifles or you are busted :slight_smile:
I know that even German hunters use them on paid hunting trips to X country lol.
For example you have 2-5k $ Swarowski or Zeiss riflescopes and you want to use their great possibilities like great fov, superb clarity, reticle, eye relief etc… even on high magnifications. Than flashlight is obvious choice.
Adding NV device or thermal vision? That should also be illegal and forbidden to and none of them has clarity, fow or eye relief like high quality rifle scopes. Thermal just have better detection capability.

So if we forbid flashlights, IR illuminators, NV devices, thermals etc. than mostly night game like jacquals and foxes will “eat us alive”(well at least your pets) and other night game like wild hog will destroy farmers and their products.

luminarium iaculator

Dont bother m8, we are bankan folks, we get used to hummor ourselves every day :slight_smile:

This flashlight problem actualy isnt modes but size/weight….its not that i havent mounted UF1504 on my .300 yet its hard, and the mount itself costed like 60 euros.

I wonder when flashlight companies will start collaborating with real time hunters…

HaikeLite Official

A host form will be great! That HI emitter will look terrible in the zoomie , believe me- nobody here likes a HI emitter paired with zoomie


Here you can use a flashlight 2 hours after sunset and 2 hours before sunrise

If one is hunting predators like i do, its allowed 24/7- the population of jackals here pooped like hell- like 350k or something.

Even worst- we do have a huge wolf population now, coming from Turkey and Syria, they are escaping the war over there they say….rolf, even wolves dont like ISIS :slight_smile:
I killed a 44kg one 4 months ago, near our capitol city, can you imagine? In just 3 days that bugger killed 5 dogs and 2 horses

Strongly suggest that you listen what Mitko says. :beer:

We could use Night cams or thermal cams but it`s forbidden to mount them on rifles. I use a thermal vision cam for observation or surching.
For shooting you could only mount a good riflescope ( I use a Zeiss 3-12x56).

You could own the forbidden stuff for using it in other countries.

Yes, the wild hogs are a problem in some european countries…

You need that for a quick flash’n’dash.

Imagine you do a quick flash to see what’s in that bush up ahead. You hear a noise to your side, do a quick flash, only now you’re in moonlight… or strobe… or…

Inadvertent mode-change. Sucks when you’re certainly not expecting it.

Jesus!! I think I saw pix like that taken at Dachau or Buchenwald… :o

Ya gonna eat all that?

Odd. Pix like that, dead critters all stacked up like that, give me the creeps, but pix of, say, the ossuary at Sedlec, I think are pretty kewl. :smiley: