What is the BEST flashlight you've NEVER USED?.............

Believe it or not back in the day this flash was HAPPENING.

The TrustFire X100…….Ooooooooo! He bad.

I have one here sitting brand spanking new and I’ve never used it except once in the garage to see what the hoopla was all about. Sitting in front of me with its tacticool camo organizer snazzy pouch.

It is LONG with a BIG head. Takes 26650’s. Plus I even opted for an extension tube. Like it needed it. Never used it.

What kind of a sick basturd spends $100 on a flash with 2012 dollars mind you and lets it rot preserved on a garage shelf for nye 7 years?


I bet you can’t top this depravity. :person_facepalming:

Well, I’m gonna whip it out tonite and see what the wife thinks of this ancient bad ass in its day sucker. Yeah, now all I gotta find is 4 X 7year old 26650’s that I happen to have just laying about. Sorry Honey. Not tonite. :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: Lightmalls has it now for $79.99


Sh*t!!! It’s massively depreciated. What did I buy a 1972 Pinto??

I don’t own any flashlights that I haven’t used. That’s how you start down the dark path of being a collector.

Oh. An elitist ehhhhhhh?


Full of T6 torture. Never found a T6 light that I can tolerate. It does look pretty bad ass though. That is a whole lot of 26650 weight in a light. Well fire it up and let us see that horrible beam. LOL :smiley:

Olight M3XS-UT.

Beautiful light, nice box, charger, all the doodads - impeccable build quality from top to bottom - and I never use it.

It throws like crazy, delivers a spot the size of a dinner plate half a km. away, and the tint is so cool it makes my teeth hurt. But it sure is pretty.

The other is a Nitecore EC4S. Great build quality, well thought out design, great UI - and it just sits on the shelf in its original box. No idea why I don’t use it; I honestly don’t know why I bought it. I guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Instead, I carry a worn and beaten Thrunite T10 in my pants pocket, an IYP365 in my shirt pocket, and a basic modded 3x26650 / MT-G2 / Yezl Y3 in my truck……and there are boring old Convoy batons (which I love) sprinkled all over the house.

Flashlight people are weird.


That is mega-depraved. You’ve beat me in depravity. I mean an XP-L flash and never been used.

I can be sorta excused because the TrustFire X100 has XML T6’s. But YOU…….

Sick sick sick.


BlF Q8, only time I’ve used it is recording slow motion of my cat so there’s no flicker from the lights.

Convoy C8 I built, mostly built it to have crescendo firmware, but i don’t actually need to see anything more than 10 feet in front of me

Q8? I’ve used mine to ramp up and down at my ceiling at least 10 times so far. It’s FUN.

SO YEAH it’s getting USED, man.

Nitecore EA4. Way too complicated U.I. for me. Still sitting brand new in the box.

singfire blf 348 - great light, tiny, pretty, but its only one light level, which is too high, making the AAA battery life short
i should get another one in case this one dies of a broken heart or something :slight_smile:

thorfire tk18 i think - the new one with ramping, 1x18650 - it’s too long, i end up using a utorch ut01 for EDCing


Copper Lumintop tool. Nice light, great tint. Just can’t live with the m-l-h. Sits in a drawer waiting for me to change the driver some day.

Do you know the size of the driver? I think you can mod it or maybe change the sense resistor to lower the output.

I hear ya. The most I’ve ever spent on a light was on the Nitecore TM16GT. I have also never used it. After I purchased it, I found I had no practical use for it. I actually have it torn completely apart right now as I’m replacing the XPL HIs with XHP35s. Basically making it even more impractical.

no, someone probably knows all that - nichia is all i know - but so far i am not a modder


They are pretty, perform well and have very nice Nichia leds but weigh a ton. Of both lights I have the aluminium version that are much less heavy, but the S41 is still too heavy to EDC. The aluminium D4 is very practical and gets actual use on holidays.

It depends on how you define “use.” The only thing I’ve ever done with my Convoy L2 is take beamshots. I just don’t have a good use case for a thrower, usually.

I’ve taken my Thorfire S70 on walks and dog walks. Even though the S70 is bigger, especially since the L2 can work with one 26650, the blinding pencil beam of the L2 makes it useless for me for anything up close.

No, I won’t give it to you, or sell it to you cheap. When the zombies come the L2 will help make sure the won’t get close to my house, even in the dark.

One thing I’m guilty of is the compulsive “need” to get more’n one of each, so I have a “spare” (or two, or three) in case my main one busts. I hate having an orphan that doesn’t work, and couldn’t even transplant spare parts to get another to work.

So, of course, I got 2 L2s that saw maybe 5min and 30sec of action. The latter to just make sure it worked, the other, for, well, playing around when I wanted to see how much more “reach” it could get over those in my C8 army.

Quark 2AA-Xes, a pair. Didn’t know at the time that as with most lights that eat alkaleaks, their max brightness gets lower, and lower, and lower, ’til “turbo” is about what “high” is, then when “turbo” and “high” is just about what “medium” is, and so on. That ended up pissing me off, ’cause unless I’d burn down alkaleaks ’til it’s pretty much moonlight-only, I end up wasting cells with lots of oomf still left in ’em. And I’m not about to dump cells with 70% still left on the clock. So after a few weeks of wearing #1 religiously, I retired it in favor of a ’502 which I’ve been EDCing pretty much forever, ’til just recently. 1-mode, rock-reliable, constant output for most of the cell’s SOC, what’s not to love?

And those Quarks were 78bux each, discontinued, for a stinking AA light, plus a 20buk shorty tube so that if I could get over the friggin’ green beam, I could use a 14500 in it. I love everything else about ’em, but the AA life and greenitude… yecch. Kills it for me.

Lotta other lights I used to put into random rotation — F13, DV-S9, F1, Sofirns, Thorfires, all at one time or another — I pretty much go back to just 3-4 standbys.

All the others, I still have ’em, occasionally use ’em, but that’s only when I get the itch to look through The Collection™ and see what hasn’t seen daylight for a while.

Not to sound like a commercial or anything, but I got 2-3 BLF348-219s still in the box, unused. Probably not even opened, ’cause I don’t recall loading ’em up even to test. Was carrying one in my bag, threads are nigh stripped, so trust me, you don’t want that one.

Not from the GB, so no autographed box or serial-number or nothing like that, just when they came out for something like 11bux a pop and I had to have at least a few lights with a 219 in ’em, and went crazy. Probabl

I’m not about to use ’em any time soon or even ever, so if you’re interested, gimme a holler.

Now isn’t that funny…my S41S is one of my most used lights. Yes, it’s heavy, and I don’t have an extension tube, so it eats batteries. But, I find it is perfect for extra lighting when taking pictures. Awesome mode spacing and uniform flood.

The best flashlight I’ve never used is the one I don’t have :smiley: