What is the best throwing EDC flashlight?

Im looking for a flashlight that can be carried every day comfortably. I want it to throw over 40k CD but the more throw the better Suggestions?

Emisar D1



Well you already got a TX25C2VN, it is about the same size as the D1. Is that too big?

It is a little large but I want to possibly swap in a oslon LED for more throw. I am looking to see if there is any light that can provide more performance.

Over 40k is all you’re after? Flat white in a Convoy S2+ does 60k (a number I read off here so let’s just say “it easily beats your requirement of 40k”) .

X5 does 38k stock (XP-L HI) and can do actual (my measurement) 55k with dedomed XP-G2 and is tiny.

I would love alot more throw. If I could get 100k I would be very happy

Depends what you define as ‘EDC’.

I EDC GT Mini with a shorty tube. Way more than 40 kcd. :wink:
But I believe most would be happier with Emisar D1 shorty.

If modding is feasible, white flat is the way to go.
Though GT Mini doesn’t work too well with the 1 mm² variant….it needs a reflector upgrade which greatly increases cost.

D4Svn with White Flat, 3000 lumens at 125kcd

If throw are first priority, regardless of the beam pattern, tint & practicality. Laser (LEP) flashlight is the way to go!
Weltool W3
Acebeam W10

Whats wrong with ths MiniGT reflector? Im planning to put in a white flat in my Mini and swap in a D1S reflector only because the D1S reflector is much smoother than the Mini reflector

Lumintop GT mini really good light, if u want wait there is coming now GT micro AA/14500 format.

Precisely what you mentioned: it’s not smooth enough for a LED this small. Maybe with 2 mm² variant it would be better.

I agree, LEPs are just better small throwers. Weltool W3 with 18350 tube is a great choice if it fits one’s budget.