What is the big freaking deal with the HD2010?

So I got my HD2010 a few weeks ago after reading countless threads on the light. I was expecting a tight hotspot thrower that was going to out throw everything else I had.

It is a bright light but my Solarforce MPP-1 easily out throws it and has a nice tight hotspot.

As far as pure brightness, my SkyRay King beats it as well. So what is the big deal with it? What am I missing about this light? I got a 26650 battery but it isn’t any brighter than the 18650.

I wondered the same thing when I got mine… My XinTD throws almost as good. I did notice my HD2010 was only pulling about 1.4 amps when I got it for some reason. But, after a driver swap, 3+ amps, and a U3 it’s much better. It’s now brigher than my XinTD, but the throw still isn’t really much of a difference. AND, my XinTD didn’t need squat. It’s still stock.

The HD2010 basically has about the power of a healthy C8. However it has a larger head which, from my tests, allows it to throw about 75-100m more. I’ve tested my U2 C8 maxing at about 350m, but our HD2010 throws about 450M.
There isn’t many lights that can throw 450M, put 800otf, but costs in the $30 range like the HD2010. That’s a pretty good combination.

for all the faults i’ve read of the HD2010 I never ordered one…seems ok but surely not the god status it received…

Or maybe you can put it in other way:

HD2010 throws longer than King.
HD2010 brighter than MPP-1.

Now it sounds more reasonable to own this! :wink:

I'll tell you what the deal is once I get mine. ;)

My HD2010 was pulling 5+ amps on high (from a fresh cell) from the moment I got it. That’s overkill of course, and even somewhat counterproductive, but the fact remains it’s one of the brightest and most throwy lights you can get for 30 bucks.

I think some people make the mistake of not realizing what throw is all about though. I mean, if you compare a bright C8 with a 2010 at medium distances, you might indeed wonder what all the fuss is about. But if that’s how you typically use your lights, a thrower probably didn’t make sense for you in the first place. In fact that truth is, lights like the HD2010, along with a whole array of much better throwers, don’t make sense for a lot of people.

It cost $25 bucks dlvd. Thats the BIG deal $)

The only single 18650 light that I know of that will out throw it is the A60 and it has a smaller spot and much less spill.

capitol, Where did you find it for $25 shipped? I might consider a second one for that price.

It helps if you look at some beamshots with some distance.

Granted this is a modded light, but you get the idea

I’m assuming the Solarforce MPP1 is similar to the Dereelight DBS V3 below


in overall performance, quality of certain components, and overall quality consistency IMO. And it has the same size reflector as the HD2010 so the same mod-potential is there too. IMO, the HD2010 in stock form is overrated when compared to similar setups like the ZY-T13 at this price point.

As far as single XML emitters go, I’d still rather have a genuine TrustFire X8 over either one anyday. And I do. Quite a few actually. 8)

I must admit ZY-T13 is better looking, IMO, and I’m quite sure I’d buy it instead of HD2010 if it were 1x18650 :~ (with HD2010 driver at least)

As for HD2010… mine is pulling 2-2.4A (stock leads) with black TF 2400 and yeah, it throws quite nicely :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand, dunno I will buy other light with smaller hotspot some day :bigsmile:

a better potentially performing light right off the bat. I don’t particularly like powerful lights that limit the amount of battery power I can harness by structural design. The HD2010 is obviously a powerful light so why they did that, I don’t know. Maybe they wanted to cut costs but to be honest with regards to how it’s built, I’d say it was more profit incentive than anything else. :wink:

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if ever there was a light that needed an extension-tube option it’s the HD2010. While the 1 x 26650 option is nice, it’s kinda one of those PITA deals that you’d really rather avoid if possible considering it puts ya into another battery-type than ya prolly usually carry scenario.

Then on top of it all for the HD2010 it’s kinda like a 1 x 18650 light trying to act like a 1 x 26650 light or a 1 x 26650 light trying to act like a 2 x 18650 light, in both cases somebody ends up on the short side of something somewhere. H)

Also be careful how ya set your HD2010 down anywhere. They bruise real easy. The ZY-T13 so far as I can tell could care less how ya drop it. :open_mouth:

this HD2010 is perfect for Mountain biking !!! expecially down hill , have 1 or 2 mounted on ya handle bars and u’ll see everything coming from 450 meters away :slight_smile:

if u can find an extension tube, its rather a nice light that will have good run times!!

Two x 26650 battery HD-2010.

where did u get that tube perfect fit ?

Mr lathe……

Speedsix and Chiggerpepi, you guys are the odd ones out (or maybe your HD2010s are). The HD2010 far out-throws any C8-based light I’ve seen. The first one was also brighter than any single XM-Ls I’ve had (except for the X8). The throw is remotely on par with Stl-V2s. Sounds like you got bad ones (I have…several times).

mine was 4.5 amps with fully charged pana 3100’s


My HD2010 (no brand gray from TMART) also does 5+ amps on a King Kong 26650. It's a single cell! I love the compactness- can't be compared to multi cells - size does matter. It's a beast compared to my mod'ed C8's, in throw and output. It's not built for throw in the usual sense - it puts a lot of light down field, not a tight compact beam like an A60 or other dedicated throwers. I consider it a super C8 - good throw, good spill but more of it.

I'm hoping to upgrade to a KD V2 at 3.8A (10x7135) - hoping it will increase the battery life because it does go through batteries quick. Not an easy upgrade though because of the all aluminum pill.