what is the brightest multi AA flashlight nowdays

Hi, I’m new here and wondering what is the best and brightest multi 4*AA,8*AA…flashlight out now? I haven’t really keep up with LEDs for a few years. Looking for something to add to my collection. Definitely 1000+ lumens.

The nitecore ea81 seems interesting.

Welcome to the forum, give everyone a chance to check in as this time of night the reading and posting slows a bit. I’ve gotten away from AA cells myself since I prefer rechargeable higher voltage liion cells myself except for pocket EDC’s.

Sunwayman D80A
Nitecore EAX

Welcome to BLF, Jeepmaster.

Quite a few AA lights are over 1000 lumens now, and the EA81 may be the brightest around. If you ask for my favourite, at this moment it would be the Nitecore EA41 Pioneer. The first versions of this light had problems, but I'm pretty sure the 2015 version has improved on things. and I like the design very much (better even than the Sunwayman D40A that is also still is a nice 4xAA light)

I personally prefer 4xAA over 2xAA or 8xAA, as 4xAA is fairly compact, and they can output 1000 lumens whilst being powered by AA.

I have the Thrunite TN4A, pretty happy with it.

There’s also the Nitecore EA41, Sunwayman D40A, Fenix E41, and probably others I don’t remember!

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I’m gonna check them out.

+1 on the Nitecore EA41 Pioneer. It’s one of my favorites. Bunch of eneloops and you can’t go wrong!

EA41 seems like a good light, but I think I want more output and longer run time. I might keep one in the car and want the max run time I can get with AAs. The EA81 seems like a good fit.

Didn’t like the sunwayman D80A as it drops output after a few minutes. I want something much brighter than my good old Fenix TK40.

I have tones of eneloops so that’s why I stick with AAs.

I have a few 4*AA lights but the best of them by far is my TN4A NW. Rock solid build, best modes, and mine clocked in at around 1400 lumens IIRC.

I’ve had an EA81 for a couple weeks now. With 8 AAs, it’s not exactly lightweight but it’s one of the brightest AA-based lights available.

OK, EA81 or EAX? Output seems very close with EAX being a little brighter, EA81 has longer run time.

You might wanna include the Titanium-CH-8800 8 bay nimh charger if you’re gonna go all out eneloops on these lights

Thanks, but I already has a 8 cell smart charger when I got my TK40 years ago.

oh? I’m curious :smiley:
What charger?

Wasn’t the EAX a limited-edition light? I don’t see it listed on Nitecore’s product page anymore though it looks like it’s still available online.

Actually, the EA81 has a slightly higher overall max brightness (2150lm vs 2000lm) while the EAX had somewhat better throw (60 kcd vs 53 kcd). One advantage of the EAX is that its square head prevents rolling. EA81 is a lot cheaper…there’ve been a couple deals over the last few weeks where it’s gone for less than $80.

Its just a regular energizer universal charger similar to this one that I got from local store.

Being in Canada kinda make things a bit more expensive with the USD exchange rate right now. I found a canadian site that seems to have decent prices with free shipping. Jetbeamcanada.com
They are selling the EAX and EA81 pretty much the same price range CAD $150. Which one is better?

Update: Just found Dinodirect has the EA81 for CAD $124, and with Oct 10% discount its CAD$111 right now….hmmm