What is the current best/*cheapest* 1AA? (Really cheap but still decent?) Powerlight?

I read some good reviews here on the Powerlight HX-G011 light, but they were from 2010...

(very good review, thanksSB56637!)


So now currently what are some good cheap 1AA lights for around 4-5USD...comparable to the Powerlight? (Or is the Powerlight still good to get?)


IMO you need a sipik SK68 clone if you do not have one. You can pick one up from various eBay sellers for around $7 shipped. It will run AA or as a bonus it is even brighter on a 14500. Very nicely made IMO for $7 shipped. I know this is 40% above your budget, but we are talking $2.

If you submit a best offer of $7, I am fairly certain it will be accepted.


Thanks...I already have a Sipik and a Rominsen zoom light. They are really nice.

But now Im looking for a regular cylindrical shaped type light, maybe with modes...

Maybe I will just order the current PowerLight and see what its like.

Way above the budget here, but the Trustfire R5-A3 and F25 are my favorite 14500 lights. *** Keep in mind I have an E03 and SE-1 on the way I haven't experienced yet.

in my honest opinion is Xeno E03 V3, around 27USD shipped, not the most brighter torch but very reliable and have longer burn time..

No comparison to a Powerlight...less than $10...Uniquefire AA-S1 http://www.dealextreme.com/p/uniquefire-aa-s1-3w-osram-160-lumen-led-flashlight-1-aa-1-14500-24220

It's a real light, great quality and output plus a clip.

The Powerlight is still a great deal, I think. Good source here:

I think these also look interesting. Sorry about the 100% price increase, though...


is the powerlight the same as these listings?

most of the look the same down to the strap.


Powerlight review and explained.


The "Powerlight" seems to be a general term for any ultra-cheap 1xAA flashlight with a simple cylindrical form factor. There are probably quite a few manufacturers and sources, and they are pretty much the de-facto budget LED light carried by thousands of sellers. Not superb, but definitely not bad for the price.

Thanks Admin...I already ordered the Power Light for 2.99 a few days before you posted this...I could have gotten an extra dollar off (1.99), but didnt want to spend my DinoPoints, LOL.


(Just checked now and DD raised the price 2.99 -> 4.50 :( )

In this case I just wanted a cheap light, I know you can buy another light for 9.99 or spend 21$ on this light, or 27$ on the Xeno, etc...but for 2.99 Im really looking fwd to the PowerLight.

Thanks for all those links I will check them out.

DUDE!!!! Those lights are like 4 bucks, Im not made out of money!

hhahahaha. Seriously small sun looks nice, Ive heard about that brand before.


Normally I don't buy Small Sun, because I've never been happy with any of the Small Sun flashlights that I've bought. But in this price range, the differences start to become less significant, and anything that powers up and doesn't flicker is acceptable.

Okay thanks for the heads-up, I will put them on my list to avoid.