What Is The Smallest, (most compact), AA Light Right Now?

I’m looking for the SMALLEST and MOST COMPACT AA light available right now. Mega lumens is not important but something as small as possible with decent output. Thanks.

+1, before this post deleted.

My thoughts as well on both counts. :wink:

Already answerd above, here’s the link
But i’d still buy another Zebra SC52 if i ever lose mine, just for the amount of light options it gives it’s just better.

DQG AA is an awesome light. It gets the most use from my lights..

Olight i2 EOS is only slightly longer, and even lighter, and has a clip.

What’s a good place to buy both this DQG and the Zebra SC52?

what comes directly into mind are balder hd-1 and DQG AA…
both nice light…

L10 nichia T-10..Smallest is going to mean no clicky so people will be suggesting a twisty light to you in most cases ..

What’s a good place to buy both this DQG and the Zebra SC52?

Dqg is a vailable only thru CNqualitygoods /fancyflashlights

and in the U.S. I'd buy the zebralight from Illumination supply

The L10 with the XP-G2 is the same size. I would base my decision here on whether you consider tint to be a priority (Nichia), or lumens (XP-G2).

@Boaz Thanks for your reply, I’ll be checking those!

The DQG’s highest brightness is not so bright on a 14500. It is as good as on a NiMh

I agree with that.

A good place to buy Zebra SC52 is this for me,


(coupon QSFKBUSSAQRT for 10% off )

Illumination Supply

Cool White: https://illuminationsupply.com/zebralight-c-28_56/zebralight-sc52-cool-white-280lm-aa-p-274.html#.Ue1ENFOAH1s

Neutral White: https://illuminationsupply.com/zebralight-c-28_56/zebralight-sc52w-neutral-white-280lm-aa-p-601.html#.Ue1ENFOAH1s

My wife’s L10 Nichia 219 has the worst time possible and is the farthest from spec I’ve ever seen (and I have owned a ton of lights) its about 2700-3000k and is extremely red/yellow. Jason from SBflashlights is replacing it for me (replacing just the pill, the body has pink trits installed). I know its probably not typical to get a bad one and I know there are tons of happy customers, just thought I should mention it that not every Nichia is perfect, there are bad ones out there.

The new olight S15 is very short, a little wider than some because of the anti-roll head and electronic side switch but one of the shortest I know of. I don’t own one yet but I will be snatching up the first used one I run across at <$40. Going off reviews I’ve read I think it’ll be giving my SC52 a good run for the money.

Oh, nice! Do you have any pictures of it?

My DQG AA’a are way brighter on LiFePO4 14500 in both xp-e and xp-g flavors. It even has a 3 volt warning flash built into the driver.

That Zebra SC52 is nice but at $70.00 it should be. I thought this was the BUDGET LIGHT forums? :slight_smile:

That dqg light really looks great! At around $32.00 with shipping it looks like a decent deal.

I should have included in this thread not only the smallest but inexpensive also. I was looking in the $10.00 to $20.00 range.

However, that dqg seems like it’s calling my name! :bigsmile: Is there a BLF discount for cnqualitygoods.com? Thanks!

Yikes! I just read a review on the dqg here on BLF and it doesn’t look too good. :frowning:

Get the SC52 from Illumination Supply, you’ll pay a bit more, but it’s a quality light