What is this tiny hole on the head of this zoomie?

On the other side of the globe What You See is not always What You Get.
If you order a flashlight with an interesting ventilation (or other) hole, you are not sure it really is, until you recieve it.

Speaking about budget lights: ordered a Smiling Shark and got an UltraFire, and once a Sipik turned out to be a Cree.

This is not very simple. Even screwing pill + e-switch is rare combination.
Did you tried this hosts?

Agreed. Not simple at all, but I have a few different models on the way for evaluation.

I have not seen those that you have linked. They will surely fail on wide beam angle, but the size is interesting. I’ll order me a couple for evaluation.

I suppose optics is similar to U-F10.
What do like in this beam? https://www.fasttech.com/products/1601/10002775/1206500
I hardly recognize illuminance difference from center to the edge with this green areola.

I like how wide it is. I thought I had been very clear on that.

These two photos where taken with a light I built from that host. Do you notice any bad edge of beam?

Hey, this is not legal.

Is this the misplaced goldtrain of oncle Adolf?

Do you know if this has a solid pill ?

Im almost sure there is no pill, jusy solid integrated shelf.

I wish! Only rust in this one.

I have built quite a few lights using that host. That particular one does have a solid pill. There are however other lights sold with the same host that do not. Here is a build I made a few years ago with one that has the hollow pill: Mod: Zoomie with MT-G2

This post was related to the lights I linked above.

I would have thought so too if thulfiqar had quoted that post with those links. But instead the link to the zoomie I use was quoted :question:

My bad, I have not read full quote with smartphone.

Great Build! :heart_eyes:
I liked the idea of adding copper Pads under the MCPCB, I’ll try that
I think a 12mm Copper Rod from Aliexpress is more suitable , Cut it to the Required length and then Solder the MCPCB on it

I want to add a Feature to a Nanjg 105D (3 modes , low, Med, High, The only addition that I want is when I switch to the High Mode I want it to Go back to the Medium Mode after 3 minutes
do you know where I can find the Original firmware to the 105D ?
more details here

Agreed, much more suitable. I just took what I had :slight_smile:

I am the wrong guy to ask about firmware for other drivers, I’ve been making my own drivers and firmware for a few years now. My only suggestion would be to ask in this thread if you haven’t already: Flashlight Firmware Repository

Will Do, Thanks alot for the link :+1: :slight_smile:

I’m curious to see what you come up with. I have a few of that same $7 zoomie you linked and very much agree with your opinion. It’s a surprisingly nice light for $7. Very wide beam angle as you say and quality is decent for $7. Threads aren’t great but as far as general functionality in a pocketable zoomie they’re hard to beat IMHO. I’ve given away several of them and still have two at home. I ordered mine from a different site and they have a different logo but they look exactly like the light you linked. They came with genuine Cree XML2 emitters and by my eyeball estimation are pretty close to the 1000 lumen mark on an 18650. The only thing I did before gifting them was apply some thermal paste under the star as they seem to always miss that at the factory. I admit Convoy doesn’t really have much to offer in the zoomie department…for now anyway. That’s something I will try to remedy. :wink: The BD04 just doesn’t cut it IMO. It’s okay but that’s about it. To be fair though that’s not Simon’s design, just a public design that Simon used. Dipper used to make them but they went away. Thorfire makes a BD04 too and it’s about the same as the Convoy version.

Man those mine pictures are awesome! Very cool. I thumbed through a bit of your album and I see a bit of a theme there. Seems you should change your name to AbandonedMike. :smiley:

brassy ring indicates laser, to me…


AbandonedMike… but I’m not abandoned :smiley: I’m not much into the general abandoned stuff now days, mainly focused on mines, but every now and then I have a relapse. The ghost tower in Bangkok was the latest I think… I don’t think I’ll ever top that.

I have about 8 different new side E-switch zoomies on order now. I don’t expect them to rival that $7 tail-switch zoomie, but hopefully one of them is good enough to work with. The ones I’ve received so far have been junk.