What is this tiny hole on the head of this zoomie?

I’m always looking around for cheap zoom hosts for builds. This time I find this light: https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_639387.html

Not that I’m very interested in this light but it has what appears to be a screw hole on the head. I’ve never seen this before and I’m wondering what it’s for. Adjusting the zoom level? That would be weird. Is it an assembly screw? Never seen one placed like that. Anyone know what it really is?

Don’t think it’s a screw hole.
If you look at one of the pictures on gearbest it looks like a red led for close range.
Or possibly a red laser.

Mike, how long would you like this garbage lights? I think most blf users had one or two and then upgraded to convoy and etc.

How are your reading skills? Did you miss that I wrote that I was not interested in this light? In regards to the Convoy, I have the BD04. In zoomed out the beam angle is not wide enough, I have to mod it. For tail switch lights I have better already, the BD04 is collecting dust. For side switch zoomies, Convoy don’t have any.

In any case, I didn’t make this thread because I want help finding hosts, I made it because I’m curious as to what that hole in the photo is.

Interesting, I missed those bottom photos that show it’s some sort of red light. It says nothing about it in the description but you’re probably on the right track.

Alternatively, if it’s a zoomie and actually well sealed, it could be some sort of pressure relief valve. But I defer to the red led hypothesis.


Isn’t this a budget light forum? Cheap lights are not all junk to the general population, which just wants a light to turn on/off when needed.

I would have thought that a laser would be some sort of sales argument and therefor listed. But for sure it’s some sort of emitter. Oh well, what ever it is it’s wasting space that could be used for a larger lens.

I am almost sure that is a red laser diode look at the similarities

Yeah, they do look very similar. I’ll settle for laser. Thanks everyone for clearing it up!

An attempt to copy the Surefire M600IB?

Unused holes in my projects are always called ventilation holes. :wink:

Mostly a <5mw Red Laser Diode :slight_smile:

I think it’s a bit ominous that they don’t mention the laser pointer in the specs at all. Perhaps the listing is for non-laser version and they just use pictures of the lasered one? Other than that, I think it’s a cheap 18650/AAA laser pointer, even without considering flashlight function.

Please dont take my message on your own.
It was just personal advice. IMO Mike deserves better hosts.

That’s the thing, I wasn’t looking for advice, I was just asking a question about that hole. Your advice did nothing to answer it.

Sure, I like good hosts, the B158B with your custom pill is very nice, but for an all round cave/mine light they are too big, heavy and require two hands for beam adjusting. For all rounders I have $7 cheapo zoomies that are so far unrivaled. They have solid pills, good enough build quality, don’t cost much, and most important of all they have a very wide beam when zoomed out. If I’m going to put a FET driver with an MT-G2 in it, I just throw in one of your custom copper slugs.

But ok, since you are intent on giving advice, I’ll try it out. I’m looking for a 1 x 18650 zoom light/host with side E-switch only, solid pill, slide adjust (not twist), doesn’t cost over $25, and has the same beam width zoomed out as this one: https://www.fasttech.com/products/1601/10002775/1206500
All zoomie suggestions I’ve received in the past have all fallen flat on that last requirement.

How do you imagine e-switch together with slide adjust? Sliding sleeve will hide the place where switch should be located. Otherwise it will be very long host.

I was thinking that it might be a sensor to bring something like Surefire’s intelibeam feature on this cheap flashlight.
But after seeing AlexGT’s post I agree that it’s possibly a laser emitter.

Imagine? Please… These lights are reality. Sure, they might not meet my requirements, but I won’t know that until they arrive.