What is your best "Wow" Light?

When you have friends over and just want to show them your brightest and best light what do you show?

Mine is 18sixfifty’s Modded Solar storm SP03

Followed by my 45/65/85 watt HID Spot light (85 does not work any more)

triple xhp70 tk75 - over 10,000 otf lumen

or perhaps a modified k50 doing around 600kcd :slight_smile:

Hmmmm.... I really don't have anything that's super-powered.

If I'm outside looking for some long range lighting, I have my V2-clone with a 3-amp driver(only, maybe someday a copper PCB and the 5A driver from Mtn) pushing a dedomed XM-L2 emitter.

Otherwise, it's currently my triple XP-G2 Convoy S3 light. It's only driven at 3A as well, but it's still a lot of light in a very small package. It wowed my brother-in-laws when we visited last week...

I've got my SRK, modded with the Mtn 32x 7135 driver, which always impresses people, but it's nothing that special.

Subscribed to this thread, and reserving this post, hoping to have a WOW! light soon. I’m trying to mod a little zoomie with a SST-90 and a new driver. Once I get the driver, I’ll see if it was worth the trouble.


A King-Clone with 12 Nichia 219A

mine is the FrankenDale (DBCstm) triple XP-L Eagle Eye X6 at just over 4000 lumens which is usually attached to my handlebar for MTB.

Stock stuff mostly, K40M for lots of light, a Deree with aspherical and a xp-g2 dedomed for throw and a Nichia 219B in a P60 host for a color rendition “wow”.

Toss up b/w TK75vn 3300 OTF/341Kcd and TK61vn V4 ~ 1700 OTF Lumens at least 750Kcd. :bigsmile:

A friend of mine in Western Pa. measured it @ 785Kcd!! :open_mouth:

Right now its my X6 triple, but it’s only impressive indoors when the floody optic can work its magic.

Soon it will be my uf-1405, and eventually I want to do a triple XHP70, I just haven’t found the right host for it.

Don’t laugh…. I have bigger lights for 4k lumen but I always thought that the biggest wow is my tank007 e09… Because of the size nobody expect to see 50 meters away.

Also the tn12 is great for its balance of throw and flood.

The most “minority report” light that I have could be the ddt40…with its compass, 3 digit voltage old indicator, and flood light and remote control

My convoy M2 with a xhp50 I always get a holy yell every time I pull it out of my pocket and show it off.


My direct drive MT-G2 Gladiator has two types of effect on people :wink:

My Supfire M6 with triple MT-G2s pulling about 5 amps per LED :slight_smile:

My direct drive Convoy S6 triple XP-L. Ounce for ounce the highest output light I have in lumens, and the fact that I know it can start fires now is icing on the cake. The inner caveman comes out of people when they see that.


That probably makes my meager T70 seem like a cheap keychain flashlight comparatively. I want! I want!

You guys are damn well armed! I feel belittled by the average lumens and candela your monster lights can express… I can “only” show a stock TK61 for throw and a stock TK70 for the “megaplunger effect” and overall output. Still they do the trick tho.

Nothing quite as extreme as some of you guys but people tend to be most impressed with my C8, dedomed XM-L2 on noctigon with a A17DD-SO8 driver and a Samsung 25R powering it :evil: Man that thing throws.

1) FF4. Fits in a jacket pocket nicely.
2) MBI-HF in red. Bright for a key fob!

Whoaa… you could put triple XHP 70 on TK75? :heart_eyes:
i would like to convert one of my TK75 into triple XHP 70… any pic of beamshot?